September 1, 2012

Dear Leaders of Florida District,
I am Amanda Hernandez, the District Conference Chair for this year’s upcoming District Education and Leadership Conference, April 4-7, 2013, in Orlando, Florida. I will be sending you monthly updates on important dates, things to do to get your club to District Conference, and much more! District Education and Leadership Conference is where Key Clubbers from around the State of Florida and the Cayman Islands come together to elect new executive officers, go to educational workshops to learn leadership skills and how to better serve your community, meet Key Clubbers from around the district and be recognized for a hard year’s work. It is important that you start planning from NOW to attend District Education and Leadership Conference. As the school year begins remember to include District Conference in your budget, plan fundraisers to attend, and let your Kiwanis Club know now that you will be needing funds to attend. Check out the links above to get more information! Yours in Service,

District Conference Chair

For more information please email Amanda Hernandez at!

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