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A Reflection Paper On How Philosophy Helps me in Attaining TIP Graduate Attributes

by: Mark Gil S. Alceso March 15, 2011

Philosophy comes from the Greek words, philos and sophia which means lover of wisdom. Philosophy is different thinking of such things like ideas, issues, nature of truths and knowledge, a study of the world, principles of conduct etc. in which people needs to confront in their everyday living. It helps humans to understand, clarifies and even express ideas that enrich the lives of people through experience, sociability, observations and gaining more wisdom. It also acts as an individual disposition to act according to virtue and developing knowledge for further enriching the lives of people. As we outreach our professions, it is indeed needed to develop such professional competence, which can be use as a tool for the effective professional practice in the field of specialization. From everyday experience, Philosophy enables us to understand things to develop ourselves and become competent in what where doing. Thou Philosophy is a difficult subject, it has been useful that it almost involved in what we do in our everyday life. With this, we are able to work professionally, and give the utmost of our performance in once profession. It basically develops our ability through analysis which constitute with making decision, thus philosophy usually involves in it. Professional Competence always depends upon professionals who believe in their abilities, thus, Philosophy is necessary in performing actions to be professionally competent in understanding and applying the relevant principles of man as a rational being in the roles of a good citizen. Philosophy is very essential in developing an ability to think critically and solve problems. It controls what we sense, how we interpret the sense and guides the decision and actions in exercising critical and creative thinking by providing solutions to discipline related problems. Philosophy develops critical thinking and problem solving of man. It also provides strategy to resolve an issue which demands for using his intellectual zest in such system of thinking according to his reasons. There always the time that ones thinking might be evaluated. Thinking is characterological, meaning it focus on learning and developing the habitual intention in making judgments as well as the character of the person whove done the thinking. When thinking never used Philosophy, such thinking might be affected, for Philosophy states principles and causes of things that provide corrective actions which can help in reasoning out and analyzing certain things. To be a good communicator, one must also apply Philosophy. By Philosophy, you are being aware on certain issues that provoke you to develop a proper and right way of application of reasoning before communicating. Being a good communicator doesnt mean it is taken orally but it is written as well. Communicating with others must be properly equipped with principles to make better-informed and properly considered statement or decision and provide good advice. Philosophy also develops lifelong learning to all individuals. This learning might be in a form of skills and knowledge, but it also occurs through experiences encountered in the course of lifetime. Such experience might be a successful or a failure in ones life however this experience teaches us so many values in life. It helps you to learn in every

failure that you make and learned to stand up even in the biggest mistakes of your life. With the help of Philosophy, one can actually figure out that knowing philosophy is very essential in dealing with the realities of life. These can be set as a bridge towards the goals and purpose of living. Lifelong learning helps man to explore, served with coupled benefits for the mind, body and spirit and makes it an incredible powerful tool for personal transformation and enhancement. With Philosophy, lifelong learning can also be in the development of skills, abilities and knowledge that it opens the mind to create such curiosity. It increases ones wisdom and fully developed such natural abilities of a person. It also adapts changes, and finds meaning in life in order to have self fulfillment. Social responsibility is a way of enhancing man awareness and accountability to one another. It is important that as a person or a professional, wherever you will go, you feel that youve express your thoughts properly and ethically. Philosophy also involves in doing necessitive actions to what they are concerned about in every decision that is made that created certain values and knowledge for our development. When Philosophy is not used in every decision, it is certain to found some misbehavior and unproper decisions which will affect the performance of a person and become socially irresponsible. Philosophy is always in the part of analyzing decisions, beliefs and actions. It is important to hold knowledge as well as values and beliefs as a person to act professionally in life. To be socially responsible is needed in once life, and with the help of Philosophy, the person will be more equip, consistent and conscientious. Encompass to the national development of once country is the productivity goal of individuals, groups and the nation. Philosophy encompasses knowledge, values and principles are to be espoused to develop good governance, as this will drive productivity, as a measure of growth to the fullest extent. Philosophy as we know it involves moral duty and obligation. It is doing things that are intrinsically desirable within a given set of circumstances. Philosophy also bound by certain universal principles such as truth, justice and fairness. These principles have proved to the test of time. As what Ive said Philosophy had good relation to productivity. Philosophy gives a positive role for the stimulation of productivity for the achievement of nations goal. For individuals and organizations, philosophy motivates us to look inward and to apply our sense of thinking in what we do. Productivity means being able to pursue their chosen roles to the fullest. The ability to get along or interact with others is a talent that requires interpersonal skills. It involves skills such as listening and communicating. Interpersonal skills are a way how man handles himself through communication with others in further development of their carries. One way to build someones interpersonal skills is to learn how to handle problems and conflicts. Some disagreements are bound to rise whenever people work together. Conflict may result for someone to feel bad, but it allows people to understand themselves and the others as well. It is generally well understood that communicating showing respect and values to other people or professionals will enable one to reduce conflict and increase participation or assistance in obtaining information or

completing tasks. This is how Philosophy is related to interpersonal skills. By knowing the principles of conduct with relation to the nature of truths and knowledge, one is capable of communicating proficiently in difficult situation and responds appropriately. As a final note, there is a sense of hope and opportunity for us and the future generations. With Philosophy, such learning can be develop; professional competence, critical thinking and problem solving skills, communications skills, lifelong learning, social and ethical responsibility, productivity and interpersonal skills. Philosophy shapes man as a rational being to use his intellectual zest to make decision and conclusion according to his reason. Man uses his knowledge for understanding. Either analyzing his dealings with the reality to live in a proper way. In a world of super-complexity, pluralism, and global awareness, man must be nurture enough with knowledge, values and principles to cope up with the changing demands of it to reach out his or her goals in life.