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Date List ITC

Date List ITC

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Published by: Ayon Basu on Aug 27, 2012
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Relevant Paragraph and Page of the Petition. 1835 Commencement and Page 169 cultivation of Paragraph 7 Darjeeling Tea 21st September Gazeteer of Page169 1947 Darjeeling district Paragraph 7 and 8 by Arthur Jules Dash narrates history of Darjeeling district. 1953 Tea Board is Page 167 and 168 established under Paragraphs 2 and 4 the Tea Act,1953 having sole control of growing and exporting tea including Darjeeling tea. 9th October 1986 Application filed by Page 171 petitioner for Paragraph 11 registration of the certification mark of Darjeeling logo under number 532240 ------------------------ List of licensees Page 13 permitted to use Paragraph 22 Certification trademark. th 10 December 1986 Petitioner filed Page 171 Application for the Paragraph 11 trademark Darjeeling under No.831599. 1998 The petitioners Page 177 started filing Paragraph 23 oppositions and cancellations to applications for registration of the trademark Darjeeling. th 19 September, Government of 2002 India asks the Customs Authority to issue Certificate of Origin for


Relevant page and annexure number.

[Plaint] Annexure B Page 292

[Plaint] Annexure C Page 298

[Plaint] Annexure H Pages 350-359 [Plaint] Annexure C Page 295

[Plaint] Annexure I Page 360

29th October. 2004 Geographical Indication Registration of the logo Darjeeling claiming use.Darjeeling Tea. 9th June. 29th October. January 2003 Respondents began to use the name “Darjeeling Lounge” September 15. 2008 Page 187 Paragraph 41 [Plaint] Annexure R Page 379 Page 174 Parafraph 16 Page 173 Paragraph 14 [Plaint] Annexure E Page 307 [Plaint] Annexure D Page 300 Page 173 Paragraph 14 [Plaint] Annexure D Page 304 [Plaint] Annexure F Pages 309-341 [Plaint] Annexure J Page 362 [Plaint] Annexure L Page 365 [Plaint] Annexure M Page 368 Page 174 Paragraph 17 Page 182 Paragraph 32 Page 183 Paragraph 34 Page 183 Paragraph 34 Page 183 Paragraph 35 Page 187 Paragraph 40 [Plaint] Annexure Q Page 377 . 2004 Registration of Copyright in the Logo. Notice of 2005 Opposition filed by the petitioner forwarded to the respondent. ----------------------Trademarks registration in various countries. 2005 Cease and desist Notice issued by the Petitioner 7th September. February 2005 The respondents trademark application was advertised in the official journal. December 22. 2005 Reply to the respondent to the Letter dated 30th May. January 2003 Order passed by the Trademark Registry abandoning the Petitioner’s trademark. 22nd February. Reply to the 2005 aforesaid notice by the respondent. 2004 Geographical Indication Registration of the word Darjeeling claiming use since 1835. 11th May. 2003 Commencement of the Geographical Indications Act.

2011 April 20. 2008 4th November. Petitioner became aware of the respondent’s trademark Page 175 Paragraph 18 [Plaint] Annexure G Page 342 [Plaint] Annexure O Page 372 Page 185 Paragraph 37 Page 185 Paragraph 38 [Plaint] Annexure P Page 375 Page 186 Paragraph 38 Page 203 Paragraph 69 [Plaint] Annexure P Page 376 Page 2-8 Paragraph 1 Page 8-11 Paragraph 2 Page 24 Paragraph 26 Page 24 Paragraph 27 Page 25 Paragraph 28 Page 17 Paragraph 15 [Plaint] Annexure K Page 363 Annexure A Page 42 [Appeal] Annexure B 165 [Appeal] Annexure C Page 383 [Appeal] Annexure D Page 519 [Appeal] Annexure E Page 594 [Appeal] April 2005 . 2008 May 2009 May 2010 30th September. 2010 30th September.” Letter from the Trademark Registry informing the Counter Statement filed by the Respondent was out of time. 2010 17th February. Reply from petitioner. Photograph of Darjeeling Lounge Copy of Plaint filed (CS no. 2010 22nd November. 2011 The word Darjeeling is applied for Protected Global Indication.November. Copy of order. 250 of 2010) Copy of the petition (GA no. 2008 28th July. 2007 30th May. Letter issued by the Trademark Registry appointing hearing. Learned Judge had dismissed the application. 3137 of 2010) Copy of Affidavit in opposition. Fresh notice issued by the petitioner asking the stop using the term “Darjeeling Lounge. The petitioner continues to persuade the respondent to stop use of the word Darjeeling lounge.

1265886 Petitioner filed a Notice of Opposition to the respondent’s trademark application Respondent responded to the petitioner’s leeter. Page 18 Paragraph 16 Page 19 Paragraph 16 Page 19 Paragraph 16 Page 24 Paragraph 26 . Respondent started using the name Darjeeling Lounge as an exclusive lounge in its premier hotel – Sonar Bangla. Trademark Registry forwarded a copy of the said notice of opposition to the attorneys of the respondent.July 13. 2005 application no. 2005 September 7.

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