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During the 124th Legislature (2009-2010) your State Representative Leila Percy voted:

During the 125th Legislature (2011-2012) your State Representative Kim Olsen voted:

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For LD 1495, legislation for a new sales tax on 102 new items, including car repairs and dog grooming For LD 1264, legislation to tax health insurance services, including the “Baby Tax” Against LD 290, legislation that would allow Maine people to purchase health insurance across state lines

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For LD 1043, legislation that enacted pension reform for over $1.7 billion in long-term savings and created the largest tax cut in Maine’s history For LD 1333, legislation that eliminated the “Baby Tax,” the tax on health insurance services For LD 1746, legislation that reformed Maine’s welfare programs

State RepReSentative

Kim Olsen
(207) 389-2299

If you think lower taxes, less regulation and government reform is Maine’s recipe for job creation then please call Representative Kim Olsen at
HD 64

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