Suddenly the Storm

by Amy M Swanson on Jul 16, 2009. © Amy Merideth Swanson, All rights reserved

Beautiful spring day! Warm wind so soft playfully lovingly kisses my cheek Dancing breeze quite generous with your touch you send the fallen leaves to play flying wild like children in an outdoor race *then quickly* sunshine sky darkens, the rains begin... how could I know so soon you would turn maliciously violently cruel. Wind - you grew quite pompous puffed yourself up so Gone - the gentle breeze that touched my heart 'til gathering yourself together --- ever faster ---

rip-roaring, threatening, all within your path Gray sky - you accommodate destructive ego once gentle wind now spirals, uncontrolled, whirling, blackened cyclone no longer at play... you seek only to devour. Those who see you shake terrible capabilites you now possess in your anger feverishly pushing all down on their knees to worship you in fear and trembling... expecting all to cower in their homes.

But... you are only wind.

Vain and proud, one thing you forget; you ride *you twist* today's air currents (and take such full advantage) but only for a moment. Just as suddenly reduced to what you were... a simple slight spring breeze before the rains (debris scattered around you from your tantrum) silently awaiting another day another place...

you bide your time so well destructive cycle *perverting Mother Nature's precious gift* until the moment you arise once more so large, full of yourself uninvited, some distant spring day... sweet, chiding wind, at first loving and playful then suddenly the storm.

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