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FOREWORD When I first conceived the idea of doing a sequel or second book on 'The Art of Cold Reading', I did not realize it would be such a formidable task. I sat right down and read and then re-read the original book and found that I had covered most of the material and that it was an excellent and instructive text book. Checking the most of my present notes, I

realized that 1 had covered most of the vital material and I did not want to be repetitious. However, while most of the data and statistics are basic, 1 do have a new approach and some interesting material to add. This book, without the original book, will be of little assistance to the advanced student. I merely wish to re-emphasize some of the original While I have yet to put my

material and to give you a few new thoughts.

thoughts down in black and white, 1 am sure the reader will agree this has been a very worth while project. Again, let me repeat - this manuscript

will have very little value without the best selling original book 'The Art of Cold Reading.' It is in reality a CONTINUATION of the first book. So take first things first, and add to your already acquired knowledge.

- Robert A, Nelson

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INTRODUCTION I have just read an advertisement in one of our local papers by a professional Reader/Advisor and would like to comment on same - here is the advertisement. "Reader, Advisor, I am superior to others, giving

you names, actual facts, telling you exactly what you wish to know concerning business or working conditions, love affairs, settle lover's quarrels, family troubles, no questions asked. I have helped others and I can help you, no matter how complicated your troubles, no matter how deep your despair. " (Then followed the upstairs address.) Now, this is the type of fraudulent advertising used by so many Gypsy Fortune tellers and advisors. It is simply devised to attract a clientele,

and once inside it is a totally different story - unless they employ some mechanical means of getting the information (switch, clipboards, e t c . , ) from YOU, or else they are damn liars! On the other hand, the strictly cold reader can give a satisfactory reading that will please the client. This without the aid of physical aids -

reading 'cold' and a little 'pumping' of the sitter. It has been proven among 300 different clients that the SAME general reading can be dispensed to them, (considering, of course, their appearance, age, address, sex,

nails and mannerisms) and they will be well pleased and satisfied with the reading. They are given the privilege of then ASKING one or two

questions, and granted a 'wish. '

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In the aforementioned survey of 300 clients, it was conducted by a man and wife team, working mostly shopping centers and department stores with a waiting line of eager seekers of truth. in a line. Some of which waited hours

The reading given was a composite of the sample reading in

'The Art of Cold Reading','Dantes system of Life Span Reading', and the 'Psychological Reading.' The best parts of each were boiled down as used At about the three

as a stock reading lasting THREE or FOUR minutes.

minute mark, they would ASK the sitter, "Are you at present under the doctor's care?" or "You are at present under a; physician's care!" With the reply, if in the affirmative, "Just as I thought, you should place more confidence in your doctor and everything will be alright, e t c . , " If the answer is negative - "I didn't think so - but you should be very careful, especially in the lung and chest area. " Or etc., Each sitter was given one important questions - and a wish. Then

followed the remark, "Peace be with you. " This last was regarded by many people as sort of 'hopeful' thinking, or akin to a blessing - and highly appreciated. The average rate for each three or four minute reading was three dollars, and if additional information was needed, a higher fee was charged. All this information on how to engage in 'cold' readings will be found in the earlier book - a great supply of advance ammunition that the reader knows about his fellow man.

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In fact, the twelve astrological readings could be passed out to twelve different persons under the signs of the Zodiac, and EACH will find enough substance in the readings to agree with their contents. reading intriguing and perfectly satisfactory. They find the

I have often wondered if the

twelve readings (less the dates) were passed out at random, if the results would not be the same? A cruel joke but as long as the client was flattered and his ego tickled I believe the people would be satisfied. The suggestive power of astrology is great indeed. And, if the reader

will ascertain the sitter's birthdate and open the reading with a thumbnail sketch of the person's birthdate, you have something interesting and concrete to say at once. You build a solid foundation for the reading and After all, anyone who seeks the services of a

the questions to follow.

reader, expect to pay for these services whether or not they are pleased with the reading. This means, for the most part, that the seeker to You have already won half the battle. Thru

knowledge is PRE-SOLD.

advertising, reputation, or your claims the client is guillible enough to expect you to be able to tell them what they want to know. It is their WILLINGNESS to believe that makes your job possible. Seldom, if ever, will you encounter a person who is very skeptical or 'trying to catch you' and you should be able to spot them. In which case, you fail to get the proper vibrations and turn them down. trying to prove anything. a fictitious answer. You are not

If they ask fictitious questions, they are to expect

No person is apt to merely test your powers at fifty

or sixty dollars an hour.
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If you attract some stoney-faced, non-cooperative individual who insists that you 'read their mind and answer their problems', you had best pass up the situation. Explain that you do give that sort of reading while in a

TRANCE, but your time at present is very limited and that your fee is $20. 00 or more - you thoughts that the person wanted a CONSULTATION and were quite willing to ADVISE them on their problems. If you will con-

tinually refer to the readings as CONSULTATIONS, you will make the work e a s i e r for yourself. Just as a patient goes to a doctor, explaining their

symptoms, or a client to a lawyer, TELLS their problems, and ASKS for advice. Set yourself up as a spiritual advisor, or an advisor with psychic powers. Your appeal is in the ANSWERS given, and that is what the client

is seeking in reality. Remember that most clients that you attract have some problem on their mind, are worried and emotionally upset - or at least, they think they are. One female reader, after she decided to call herself a witch - found she was doing twice the business. So much for their will to believe in

most anything mysterious and not understood. This is just like the newspaper advertisement at the beginning of this chapter. It is designed to attract a clientele, and by virtue of its exaggerated claims, and the desire to believe on the part of the recipient. Most people with problems on their mind know the answer, but do not have the courage of their own convictions and wish to share the credit (or blame) for sound advice. - 7 -

I recall a newspaper story that appeared in one of the local papers, with a photo showing the author with a crystal ball, and telling of my r e tirement from the retail magic business. The story told of many of my

accomplishments of the past, including the results of my now famous 'Loaf of Bread' prediction. One result was a phone call to my office by

a woman seeking a 'reading. ' I was not there at the time, but the gentleman who took the call explained to the woman that due to illness - any appointments for a reading was impossible. But the woman persisted -

ANY AMOUNT - any place. She had a problem and HAD to see me. She explained that money - any amount - was not the question. All this from

the little newspaper story. And her WILLINGNESS TO BELIEVE that I could help her with her problem. I don't know the woman nor did I talk to her. But I would judge she

was a well-to-do married woman perhaps in her 40's or 50's with marital trouble. Second guess - a financial problem. guess would be confirmed. But no seeing her, my

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INTUITION First, I want to impress upon the cold reader to always use his sense of INTUITION. This is a god-given ability that everyone possesses, to a more The continual practice

or less degree, and it can and should be developed.

of giving cold readings, in itself, will develop this faculty, though some people will agree it is because your sense of observation becomes keener and that you learn to ANTICIPATE certain situations, according to the PATTERN OF LIFE, as explained in the previous book. The continued practice of giving cold readings gives confidence in your intuitive abilities, just as 'practice makes perfect.' You begin to believe your own publicity. So give your INTUITION - NOT IMAGINATION - free rein. This writer is a firm believer in Extra Sensory Perception or

intuition. It can't always be turned on like a switch, but it does exist. You will subconsciously improve with practice. Rely basically on the knowledge

(and sample reading) given in the ART OF COLD READING that preceeded this book. Learn to rely on your 'hunches'.

That is why older and more experienced cold readers are more proficient at the art. They have learned the value of paying heed to subconscious

thoughts that occur to them in the course of a reading and try them 'on for size'. They know what to anticipate, from previous experiences, and

give full rein to their intuition. Of course, you never claim to be infallible - and you can always change your story if necessary. If on sold ground, I formerly used this line quite
- 9 -

frequently during the reading, "If at any time I am in error, please advise me. " The repetition of this declaration is quite impressive as a positive statement. Also when reading, you 'pump' the sitter for certain information

which you re-tell them, and although you didn't - say, "Recall I told you that a few minutes ago. " They forget that they had even mentioned the situation. Oft times in a reading I will say, "Of course, you want me to

tell you the BAD along with the good as I see i t ? " (The answer is usually affirmative). "Now, you are really a courageous person, and I would say

that many of your worries and fears are without foundation and you have nothing to really worry you. to materialize. You tend to worry about situations that fail

This is one of your bad habits. "

Always strive to give as many 'correct' or satisfactory readings as possible. It will not only enhance your reputation (and demand) but give you more CONFIDENCE. do! One excellent way to develop this faculty is by the continued use of Hellstromism. This work seemed to sharpen and increase your intuition. Let it develop itself. You Play the percentage - that is what gamblers

can't force or command it.

Don't be afraid of what

the tell-tale cues of your observation tell you - just start talking according to the existing format and your intuition, and you will be surprised at the results.

- 10 -

ACCESSORIES The importance of the use of accessories or some external aid in giving cold reading cannot be over-stressed, such as Tarot Cards, playing cards, the crystal, incense or the sitter's palm. Any one or the other plays an important part in impressing the sitter - and keeps their mind off the actual verbal reading. concerned. Each have a certain unknown quality as far as the sitter is The more Create an

It is more mysterious and attention compelling.

mumbo-jumbo the better if not carried to a ridiculous ends. aura of mystery.

For instance, the Tarot Cards carry a certain amount of ancient lore with them. Whether or not you are actually reading the cards by some system,

or making a by-play with them, they are impressive because they are not fully understood. The crystal ball is a weird spectacle and impressive, especially if you will have the sitter 'magnetize it' by momentarily placing his finger tips against the ball. used. Palmistry has never been regarded as an exact science, but many people believe in it. Some basic knowledge of the lines of the hand should be learned, as many people already possess this knowledge. All of these aids give a focal point for the eyes as well as the imagination - and if you get into the wrong territory, they can be blamed for the error. This mumbo-jumbo is quite impressive and should be

- 11 -

You can learn all you need to know from the palm chart.

This will give

you sufficient knowledge of the lines of the palm and the mounts - and some good terminology. Tea-Cup reading is very effective and acceptable. They direct the sitter's

attention to an abstract object, and make the reading more plausible. The use of a good smelling incense attacks the sense of smell-makes a good conversational piece and adds to the atmosphere. it. But, don't overdue

Incense and the crystal or Tarot Cards are quite sufficient.

- 12 -

CHANGING TIMES, SEX, ETC., Times have a habit of changing, and so have people. The Art of Cold

Reading text book was written and published some fifteen years ago and a revised edition in 1964 and 1968, and while all the basic facts and statistics are true, you should realize the the world has changed and mankind, too. Mankind can take no justified bows or applause for his human behavior ( Let us consider some of the factors: We are going thru a very turbulent era, socially, economically and politically that affects our daily lives. There is hardly a family that is not touched by this useless war in Asia. It presents problems for every family and loved ones. Then there is the drug addiction problem among our younger generation, and all the campus rebellions. This presents many problems (or it should)

for the parents. Only this week I read a newspaper account in our local paper telling of the arrest of nine persons, six of whom were juveniles, two fifteen years old, and two sixteen years old. The police uncovered

a high school ring and involved at least 1, 000 youngsters as either users or pushers of narcotics. And this was just one minor raid. Daily the All of which create

newspaper has several similar cases to report. problems.

THAT A GENERATION GAP EXISTS is no idle talk - there is a lack of communication between the younger generation and the older one, all are contributing factors as to why many individuals will seek your services as a reader/advisor. They create worry, doubt and anxiety. - 13 -

Returning to the parents, there are wide-spreading wife-swapping parties among some of our best people. More problems. About half of our population

The divorce rate is at its highest level.

if involved in extra-curricular activities in the marital department. More problems. Criminal activities are at an all time high and involving many teenagers. Perhaps the most essential problem to be concerned about is the SEXUAL behavior of both the male and female. Much can be learned regarding the

actions of our fellow men by studying their sexual behavior and I would again like to recommend all of the Dr. Kinsey Reports on the subject. You can't

learn too much about this provoking problem and situations related thereto. Also recommended reading is the book PSYCHOPATHA SEXUALIS by Kraft Ebbing. A huge book that deals in sexual perversion, and for many

years the book was restricted to the exclusive sale to attorneys and physicians only. These are not very nice facts, but it does tell us what makes some of

our fellow men and women 'tick. ' Don't fail to study 'Human Sexual Response' by Doctors Masters and Johnson. It is most informative about the behavior of your fellow man

and women. Another book that is MUST reading 'Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex, But Were Afraid to Ask" by Dr. David Reuben. It has headed the best seller list for months. Dr. Reuben is a Psychiatrist and

has written a most authorative and informative book. At your book store - 14 -

$5. 95 a copy and worth it. (Now in paper back at $1. 95 ). It will help you understand many sexual problems to a broader degree and for you to anticipate many problems. Unsatisfied sex or frustration can create so many

problems, and while the reader should not be suspicious of this source, he should at least recognize it. I would like to write more on the subject of SEX and its importance to the advisor, but I feel this information should come from a more qualified source, hence my recommendations of certain authored books by doctors. Many advisors go into quite a discussion of sex problems, just as a psychiatrist does and a better understanding is most helpful. amused when a friend of mine came to me with his problem. I was most He had been He

giving readings only a short time when he was approached by a lady.

explained that he thought the woman wanted to be 'laid', instead of having a reading. It developed that the lady and her husband no longer had any intercourse (admitted in the reading) but the reader turned down the opportunity, because the lady was the wife of one of his sponsors - so goes the story. There has been a moral breakdown of our society, especially since the advent of the PILL. There is so much promiscuousness, that sometimes a

calculated guess is all that is necessary to get to the seat of the problem. Here are some vital statistics. SEVEN million women are on the PILL. Then it is estimated that one third of the American children are products of unplanned pregnancies; 21% of all first babies are conceived before marriage and that 10% of all births are illegitimate. - 15 Conclusion - there

must be an awful lot of ' hanky panky ' business going on in our complex society. Another statistic: Many diabetic men are sexually impotent. More men have strokes (and the gout) than woman. The Change of life or menopause is most critical in most women. means exactly what it says - change of life. Any signs of such should be observed. years of age. It

This occurs in men also.

Usually occurring from 40 to 50 But let Dr. Reuben

Most divorces occur in this bracket.

explain the full significance of this in medical terms. The average man at the age of 25, 30 or even 45 will have attained his zenith and quit striving. He accepts his life for what it was (not that he This applies to emotional He accepts life just

is entirely satisfied or contented) with his lot.

problems as well as his place in the business world. as it i s .

This applies to emotional problems as well as his place in the He just accepts life as it i s . The average man is also in

business world.

financial debt; current bills, household expense, auto, mortgage on the house, etc., The teenager is not very much interested in his FUTURE - is He is more interested in changing

content to accept it/ or rebel against it.

society to see eye with with conventional society. Many young divorcees or widows, deprived of a normal sex life present many problems by virtue of this occurrence. Maybe, that is why they

are so often considered 'fair game' for the pursuing man. It is a form of sexual frustration that must be met, one way or the other. The sex drive

is the strongest emotion we experience, aside from hunger and selfpreservation.
- 16 -

Another great source of general information will be found in the 'Dear Abbey' and other love lorn columnists. See how you analyze some of these

problems. It is surmised some of the letters may be planted for sake of variety and to spice up the columns. but practice on the problems. You may not agree with all the answers,

- 17 -

After all, if you will consider your role as an 'advisor' rather than 'reader' you will find the sailing much easier and more satisfactory with your client. Find out the birthdate of your client - then give a thumb-nail

sketch of the Zodiac sign under which they were born - a few patter lines of 'cold reading' then use the Tarot Card test to knock down their guard. Then explain that they are entitled to ask two questions - and sit back and wait for them and then use your psychic awareness or intuition or good sense and answer them. This is the more accepted way of reading. The It adds

tarot card test is designed to 'prepare' your client for the reading.

a bit of mystery, draws attention from the mechanics of the reading, and should leave your client in certain bewilderment! will accomplish its intended purpose. Done in a casual way, it

This is the one essential ingredient

of this addition to 'The Art of Cold Reading'. It has psychological implications and response. the cold reading. THE PSYCHOLOGICAL EN RAPPORT TEST Imagine the stunning effect of this piece of business on the sitter. Having This is the piece de resistance - the final coup in

greeted the client with 'Peace be with you' or some such phrase, and hand the person some Tarot Cards, remark - "This is to merely establish communication between our two minds - to see if we are en rapport with each other. " Tell the person to shuffle the cards while you do likewise with a similar deck. Having done this, trade decks and tell the client to select any card

from their deck, remember it, and place it on top of the cards (as you do likewise, ) then cut the cards once, twice and a third time for luck. - 18 -

(As you do the same proceedure). Now, hand the sitter your deck and tell them to find their card in your deck, while you find your card in their deck. (Trade decks and start looking for the cards) telling them to place their card face down on the table and you will do likewise. Explain there is no Now, the two cards

relationship between the two decks and get confirmation.

are turned face up and THEY ARE IDENTICAL, proving that a state of 'en rapport' does exist, and that you are sure you can be of help in solving their problems. Explanation: In this experiment, you have to cheat JUST A LITTLE. But using the Tarot cards or ESP cards is most impressive. If you use the

Tarot (recommended) cards, take 10 or 12 cards from one deck that are decidedly different to the eye, and you can recognize at a quick casual glimpse. Discard the rest of the deck. From a second deck, take the same

number of DUPLICATE CARDS. use in the test.

These are the two partial decks that you

It is best to keep a rubber band around each deck so that Hand either one of the decks

the cards do not get confused, likewise yourself. to the client, and retain the other.

Remove the bands and ask sitter to shuffle

his cards, remarking that it consists of only a dozen or so cards and that your pack is a duplicate. Both shuffle the cards to their heart's content.

All you have to do is to glimpse the bottom card on YOUR packet and remember it. You then trade decks and with the cards flat on your hand, you with-

draw any card, look at it though no need to remember it, place it on the top of the packet, cut the card three times. This the sitter does the same

proceedure, but be sure that they remember THEIR card. Now, the packets - 19 -

are exchanged, and while you are pretending to find your card, you are using the bottom card you glimpsed as the key card and their will be the card immediately behind the key card. down on the table. cards will match. Withdraw this card and place face

They find their card in your packet and, of course, the A miracle or coincidence? If, in the shuffling of the

cards, you happen to catch a glimpse of the bottom card of their packet, fine. Just stop the shuffling at that point and no exchange of the cards is Then allow them to withdraw one card from the center of Then exchange decks telling them to


their deck and you do likewise.

find THEIR card in your packet while you find YOUR card in their packet. Obviously, this experiment can be performed by two decks of ordinary playing cards - but it has all the ear-marks of just another card trick which it i s . The Tarot or ESP cards places it in the realm of mystery.

This is true with the ESP cards - using two packets of five each - one of each symbol, and these symbols are easily recognizable. And, too,

you have only one deck to buy for $1. 00, whereas the Tarot cards are more expensive. . .. but worth it. TRY this experiment with your friends,

and you will be amazed at the impact it creates. Having concluded the experiment, state, "Just as I thought. I am in

tune without mental vibrations". Casually inquire as to their birthdate, and give them a thumb nail Zodiac sketch of their birthdate - some patter lines of 'cold reading', and then inform them that they may ask two or three questions only.

- 20 -


Let Astrology play an important part of every cold reading.

Ask the

sitter's birthdate, and then proceed after you have utilized the Tarot Cards in the introductory text. Aries (March 21 - April 20) "I am glad that you came to me with your problems, because I am sure that I can help you, Just as I have helped thousands of others. (Use this line in every reading) "Now, what is your birthdate? April 10th. You were born under the sign of Aries, the Ram - JUST AS I THOUGHT. This is the first sign of the Zodiac, and is ruled by Mars. You are exceptionally strong willed, with an abundance of vitality. You are endowed with an active and imaginative intellect. You are generous and affectionate in your personal affairs. Your chief fault is readiness to take offense and a tendency towards jealousy. Saturday and Tuesday - best days. Lucky number - three. Taurus the Bull (April 21 to May 21) "You were born under the sign of Taurus the Bull, just as I thought. You draw your might from the Earth. You live in a world of reality, patiently planning your destiny, sometimes slow and stubborn, but steadfast. You are under the dominion of Venus, and your love is guileless, natural and tender. You just keep a jealous watch over your treasures. " Tuesday and Friday - best days. Lucky Number - five. Gemini, the Twins (May 21 - June 21) "You were born under the zodiacal sign of Gemini, just as I surmised. Gemini the Twins, and are ruled by Mercury. This is a two-fold sign, carrying all the manner of contradictions. You retain the gift of childhood. Are full of curiosity and inexhaustibly eager. Your failing is dependency on others. In love you have a possessive instinct. Perpetually changing, you are neither hampered by the past or the future. Your higher attributes are reason and sensation. "Friday - best day. Lucky number - four. Cancer the Crab (June 22- July 22) "You were born under the Zodiacal sign of Cancer - just as I thought Cancer the Crab, and is ruled by the Moon. Your most marked characteristics are changefulness and uncertainty. You apparently make firm decisions and decide on a definite course, but then counteract them. You are neither broad-minded or open to conviction. You have strong psychic powers that need developing. Have a natural tendency in things artistic. Cancer women are inclined to literary pursuits. Cancer rules the breast, lungs and stomach. Great discretion must be exercised over the proper diet. " Monday and Friday - Best days. Lucky number - six.

Leo the Lion (July 23 - August 22) "You were born, as I expected, under the Zodiacal sign of Leo the Lion, and Leo is ruled by the Sun. You love to rule, but this tendency is of the heart rather than the head. You are warm-hearted, generous, magnetic and sympathetic. You acquire knowledge without being taught. Invariably you 'act' on intuition. You cannot exist without love and affection. You are a skilled mental worker, rather than manual. Birthstone is the ruby. " Sunday and monday - best days. Lucky number-one. Virgo, The Virgon (August 23 - September 22) "You were born under the Zodiacal sign of Virgo, the Virgin, and your sign is ruled by the planet Mercury. This sign imparts good balance, intellectual, studious and fondness of detail. Discord or disorder cause you great distress You have rare psychic powers, which should be developed. You are of a nervous temperament, always seeking excitement. Your most prominent fault is selfishness. You have an inborn desire to give advice. " Wednesday and Sunday - best days. Lucky number - seven. LIBRA, The Scales (September 23 - October 23) "You were born under the seventh sign of the Zodiac, just as I thought. This sign is symbolized by the Scales and is ruled by the planet Venus. Justice, strength, and liberty are the guiding influences in your life. You are a born leader and worthy of positions of authority. You are largely original in your operations. Possessing the Venus temperament, which usually endows you with artistic and musical qualities. You are best suited to occupations requiring great tact and skilled judgment with physical labor. " Wednesday and Sunday - best days. Lucky number - two. Scorpio, The Scorpion (October 23 - November 22) "You were born under the Zodiacal sign of Scorpio, and just as I thought, and symbolized as the Scorpion. This is the eighth sign and ruled by the planet, Mars, the God of War. People of this sign are very secretive, aggressive and jusicial. Their minds are keen, perceptive and their intuition is wonderful. In spite of their restless nature, their self-control is wonderful. They are endowed with an impressive flow of language, possess great dignity and persuasive ability. Scorpio rules the s e x organs and the sexual nature is unusually strong. " Best days - Sunday and Friday. Lucky number nine. Sagittarius, the Archer (November 22 - December 21) "Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by the planet, Jupiter and is symbolized by the Archer. People of this sign possess many desirable traits; their talents are great and varied. Business pursuits hold the greatest attraction for them. You are truly clairvoyant and possess remarkable foresight. By nature, you are generous, strong, and fearless. Your sign has produced many of the world's greatest musicians. " Thursday - best day. Lucky number - five.

Capricorn, the Goat (December 21 - January 20) "You were born under the Zodiacal sign of Capricorn the Goat, just as I thought. People of this sign are usually very cool headed and deliberate. This is the 10th sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by Saturn, the planet of Fate. Birthstone is the Garnet. You have great confidence in your ability to manage your affairs and resent any interference. You are proud, highminded and independent. You are quite liable to failures and set-backs. You are best suited to commercial callings. Women of this sign are usually better managers than men. "Wednesday - Friday - Best days. Lucky numbereight. Aquarius, The Water Bearer (January 20th - February 19th) You were born under the sign of Aquarius, the Water Bearer, just as I thought. This is the 11th sign of the Zodiac, and ruled by the planet Saturn. Amethyst is your birthstone. Two distinct natures are revealed under this sign. The natures and influences are the exact opposite. These people represent the intellectual and scientific phase of mankind. You possess dignity and a nervous temperament. Women of this sign make devoted and good wives. You have a great deal of psychic power. Prominent faults are uncertainty and lack of hope. " Tuesday and Saturday - best days. Lucky number - nine. Pisces, the Fishes (February 19th - March 21st) "You were born under the sign of Pisces, the Fishes, just as I surmised. This is the last sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Birthstone is the bloodstone. This sign imparts a religious and benevolent nature. You possess a strict sense of honor and fidelity. This is a very psychic and mediumistic sign. All defects of the Pisces nature will yield to wisdom. You are generous and absolutely unselfish. Having once made a choice of occupation, you usually stick to it. . " Tuesday and Thursdays - best days. Lucky number - seven.

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