In medici ne, the term ‘gender’ is often mista kenly used as if it were synonymous with biological sex.

Yet gend er is a wider concept than sex and refers to more than biological diffe rences between women and 2,4,8,9 men . Gender refers to the asymmetrical distribu tion of power between and sociocultural norms 8–11 about women and men . In medicine, clinicians ‘do gend er’ when they ask female pat ients about their 13 family but do not ask the same of male patients. this way, physicians are perpetuating a gend ered view that In family matters are women’s issues. More so, when women’s health is interpreted to mean referring to reproductive differences, a/k/a ‘bikini medicine’, clinical care falls short in failing to address the evidence that most organs have sex specific differences that must be considered if optimal medical care is to be provided.


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