Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), Saturday 27 October 1900, page 14




Narri The stone-throwing mystery near bri remains unsolved. Mr. Avery's daugh a stone ter fainted upon being struck with on the foot, but was not seriously hurt. The when picked up was found to be quite stone at Cooyal, near hot. Residents, who were a when family ago, years Mudgee, some attacked similarly, state named Larges were lasted three or four that the bombardment weeks. Police went from Mudgee and sur rounded the premises, while large stones That case was came through the roof. elucidated. never


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The railway receipts are fluenced by the rise in tlhe price of coal. an addi The increase of 1/ per ton means tion to the expenditure of £20,000 a year. the law The Full Court today reviewed relating to seduction on the appeal of the plaintiff in the case of Rogers v. Bridge, an action to recover damages for the seduc The tion of a daughter of the plaintiff. evidence of the girl was that the alleged misconduct the defendant's on part took The in his service. place when she was Chief Justice said thatjtethe law might be which denied a parent any remedy wrong in respect of seduction of a daughter when she was in the service of somebody else, but there were certain cases, it must be re honors Their membered, of blackmail. all of the opinion tfha't the rule asked were for could not be granted, the girl at the time of .alleged seduction not being in the service of her mother, but in tlhe service of' the defendant. A seduction, action could the ground of only lie for seduction on loss of service. been After iflhe rule had refused t)ie Chief Justice said that he bad tihe stopped to tihe plain case out of mercy tiff, because if it had been he could see allowed to go on she migfbtt have found her self in a different position to what she then occupied.

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