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A Teacher for All Seasons A teacher is like Spring, Who nurtures new green sprouts, Encourages and leads

them, Whenever they have doubts. A teacher is like Summer, Whose sunny temperament Makes studying a pleasure, Preventing discontent. A teacher is like Fall, With methods crisp and clear, Lessons of bright colors And a happy atmosphere. A teacher is like Winter, While its snowing hard outside, Keeping students comfortable, As a warm and helpful guide. Teacher, you do all these things, With a pleasant attitude; Youre a teacher for all seasons, And you have my gratitude! The Best Teachers Teachers open up young minds, showing them the wonders of the intellect and the miracle of being able to think for themselves. A teacher exercises the mental muscles of students, stretching and strengthening, so they can make challenging decisions, find their way in the world, and become independent. The best teachers care enough To gently push and prod students to do their best and fulfill their potential. You are one of those. Thank you.

Wonderful Teacher With a special gift for learning And with a heart that deeply cares, You add a lot of love To everything you share, And even though You mean a lot, You'll never know how much, For you helped To change the world Through every life you touched. You sparked the creativity In the students whom you taught, And helped them strive for goals That could not be bought, You are such a special teacher That no words can truly tell However much you're valued For the work you do so well.

T - ..senyuman yang menawan E - ..memiliki mata yang cantik N - ..pemberi ciuman yang bagus juga G - ..sangat disenangi sesiapa saja K - ..seorang yang hot U - ..disenangi oleh semua orang A - ..seorang yang gila-gila S - ..membuat orang tertawa M - ..membuat pacaran lebih menarik A - ..seorang yang gila-gila I - ..manis dan romatis R - ..seorang yang lucu A - ..seorang yang gila-gila

A - ..seorang yang gila-gila M - ..membuat pacaran lebih menarik E - ..memiliki mata yang cantik L - ..pemberi ciuman yang bagus I - ..manis dan romatis

A - ..seorang yang gila-gila