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The Municipal Social Guard in Israel

During the past year, social protests have gained momentum in many cities around the world. One of the more interesting aspects in the process of social change is the growing activity regarding empowering local communities and leadership, and connecting them to municipal governing systems in order to promote social economic causes. A similar phenomenon is happening in Israel, where the Municipal Social Guard was founded approximately a year ago. The initiative was established with the aim of promoting and building a network of active communities all over Israel, to serve as pressure groups on elected officials, lobby for social prioritization and an actively call for civil action. By now, Municipal Social Guards have been established in over 10 communities in Israel, including Haifa and Tel Aviv. The list will soon include Jerusalem and other cities. Each group operates autonomously and independently opposite its local municipality, while consulting with other groups throughout the country as well as coordinating and sharing the acquired knowledge and experience in order to make the process as a whole stronger and more efficient.

Our activity focuses on two major aspects:

Promoting transparency, accessibility and public involvement in decision making processes and their results, in the local municipality level. Monitoring municipal activity and lobbying elected officials for personal responsibility towards the public and for changing prioritization with regards to social rights: housing, education, welfare, employment, health and living costs.

The members of the Municipal Social Guard in Israel strive to create ways to reconnect as communities, as a society, as a people. We promote an active, responsible and independent civilian presence in society. We believe that perseverance in our activity will bring about a long term change in prioritization in every community in Israel, and in the entire country. We know and recognize that such processes are also taking place in many other countries, and this gives us great faith in the power of the global village and technology. We will be happy to elaborate further on our activity and exchange information on similar work around the globe, so that we may learn from others experiences and empower global change. Please contact us via Facebook or telephone: Oso Bayo +972-52-3338667 / Hemi Shturman +972-54-2588118