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Response to 7.

30 from the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra

As the most democratic country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia consistently strives to find a peaceful solution to different points of view within its borders. The recent unrest in the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua especially the loss of life is regrettable and is receiving attention from the Indonesian people, the media, and the President of the Republic of Indonesia himself. The Indonesian Government has taken steps to restore law-enforcement in the Papuan provinces. There are several points to remember while peace is being restored to the Papuan provinces: Firstly, that Indonesias sovereignty and territorial integrity should not be called into question. The world, including Australia, has acknowledged support for Indonesias territorial integrity. Secondly, it is every countrys right to create and maintain peace within its own borders within the basic principles of Human Rights. In this regard, the Indonesian Government deploys lawenforcement officials in all parts of Indonesia, including the Papuan provinces, to ensure stability and peace in all aspects of public life. Thirdly, every excessive use of violence by authorities is processed according to the prevailing laws. Previous cases have seen Indonesian law-enforcement personnel demoted or imprisoned for breaches of human rights, including in cases that were not covered by the media. Fourthly, every country has procedures in place regarding foreign journalists wanting to visit to produce a program, so countries including Australia and Indonesia reserve the right to determine entry by foreigners into its own territory, whether they are tourists or asylum-seekers or journalists. In response to the ABCs 7.30 program (27 August 2012), it should be known that Australian journalists and production crews have been officially visiting the Papuan provinces in the last few years. Additionally, Red Cross offices are always located in each host countrys capital city, while the host country opens branches in the regions, as does the Indonesian Red Cross in the provinces of Papua and West Papua. Thank you for your continued interest in Indonesia. As is expected of Indonesias vibrant journalistic media, we also invite more researched and balanced reporting by Australian media outlets.

28 August 2012 Spokesperson for the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra