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BORRA SWETHA D/o B.Siva Prasad, Thyagaraya road 5th lane, Koritepadu, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Mobile: +91-8019662371.

Seeking a better position to utilize my skills and abilities in the IT Industry that offers professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible.

Qualified BTECH from JNTU KAKINADA University in 2011 with 63.00%. Qualified INTERMEDIATE in 2007 with 75.00%. Completed SSC f in 2005 with 70.00%.

Processors Technical Strength Operating Systems : 8086 Microprocessor : C,Core Java,.NET,SAP(ABAP MODULE) : Windows xp,windows 2007.

Dedication towards work. Adoptable and flexible to new environment. Positive attitude. Good leadership qualities and team facilitator.

Mini project: Wireless accident intimating system using RF. Description: In this project we are sending information about vehicle accident by using RF communication with the help of the ATMEL 8051 micro controller. Accident of the vehicle is identified by using a sensor informs of a vehicle. Here the accident information displayed on LCD and a buzzer will give sound when accident occurs. Main project: Radar detection system design by using MATLAB simulation Language: MATLAB Description: Radar (Radio Detecting and Ranging) uses electromagnetic waves to detect and locate the objects. The speed of the object is computed by applying the signal processing algorithms to the corresponding echo signals received from the object. While computing this, the input is affected by clutter noise which in turn results in a poor S/N Ratio.

Participated actively in the technical fest SYNAPSE-09 & -10 as an organizer. Attended a workshop on Robotics organized by IEEE. Participated in Chess, Caroms in several college events.

Fathers name Date of birth Languages known Hobbies Permanent address : B.SIVAPRASAD . : 11-11-1989. : English & Telugu. : Sudoku, shuttle. : Thyagaraya road 5th lane, Koritepadu, Guntur.

I hereby declare that all the details given in this resume are true to the best of my knowledge. (B.SWETHA)