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A discussion on art

Answer these questions using your notes.

1. The word art is used to describe some activities or creations of human beings that have importance to _________________________________________. 2. Art includes __________, __________ and __________ (give three things). 3. Art is divided into the plastic arts, where something is __________, and the performing arts, where something is __________. Complete this table: Type Plastic arts Performing arts Definition Expression by making something 4. Bodily expression 5. Example

6. Some people say that art is a product or item that is made with the intention of stimulating __________________________________________________. 7. There is no importance given to the role of arrangement in art. T F

8. In Aboriginal art, people think that art belongs to ____________________, because they think that the artist put his or her talent into the art. However, in other societies, people think that art belongs to ____________________, because that society has put its social capital into the artist and the artist's work. Complete this table: Function 9. 10. 11. Description Some artists draw what they see the future like. Some of them are right, but most are not. What message, criticism or political change did the artist wish to achieve? Works of art let us know about what the author knew, and about what the surroundings of the author were like.