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Quilt Study Group of Australia

PO Box 398, Neutral Bay, NSW 2089 16th November, 2011

Dear , At the 2009 Australian Council of Quilters (ACQ), I advised those attending that the Sydney Quilt Study Group (SQSG) was unincorporating and moving under the umbrella of the Quilters' Guild of NSW Inc. It was hoped that each state quilt study group would become a focus group of their state guild or, if no such group exists, that each guild would start a quilt study focus group for their state. The Quilt Study Group of Australia (QSGA) was to maintain a national presence through the preservation of the QSGA biennial seminar, the blog, and their bank account which held accumulated funds from previous seminars used to facilitate the running of the biennial seminar. We all recognise the importance of the detailed study of quilts both old and new, the continued promotion to conserve and restore our quilt heritage, the promotion of closer relationships with galleries and museums and generally engaging members in discussion of quilts and quiltmaking. With these aims in mind, some guilds have developed new quilt study focus groups and this year, a new group, the Victorian Quilt Study Group hosts the Australian Quilt Study Seminar for the first time. The attached document, Quilt Study Group of Australia Update 2011, will let you know the services available to you through the Quilt Study Group of Australia and I am hoping that you will be encouraged to consider hosting a future Australian Quilt Study Seminar, understanding that there are funds available to support that venture, and that your state quilt study group will regularly post on the QSGA blog so that nationally and internationally, those engaged in quilt study can be informed of what is happening in Australia. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. I look forward to hearing from you. Warm regards,

Karen Fail Convenor - Quilt Study Group of Australia Ph: 02 94822216 Mobile: 0425 202 838 Email: