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Natural selection

Use your notes to answer these questions. 1. Charles Darwin chose the name natural selection as an analogy with _____________ ______________, which is also known as selective breeding. 2. Because of heredity, all members of a species are alike. T Complete this table: Stage of the process fertility population food / resources individuality inheritance survival / reproduction Explanation All living things have such fertility that their population size could 3. ____________________ forever. We see that the size of populations does not do this. Mostly, numbers remain 4. ____________________. The food and other resources are limited. Therefore, there is 5.____________________ for food and resources. No two individuals are alike. Therefore, they will not have the same chances to 6. ____________________. Much of this variation can be inherited. The parents pass such traits to 7. ____________________ through their genes. The next generation only comes from those who survive and reproduce. Natural selection is a process of 8. _____________. F

9. Since the discovery of ____________________ in 1928 by Alexander Fleming, antibiotics have been used to fight bacterial diseases. 10. When factories were built, pollution made all the trees look black. _________ ___________ moths were easy to see, whereas ____________________ moths now had the advantage, because the environment had changed. 11. Why is mimicry a part of evolution? ________________________________________________________________________