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Health and Physical fitness

Answer these questions using your notes. Complete this table: 1. 2. 3.

how people live with other people related to the body the body how people think and feel

4. Two actions that good body health stems from are ____________________ and ____________________. 5. The relationship between a persons ________________ and ________________ is called their Body Mass Index. 6. What are two indicators of mental health? 1 ____________________ 2 ____________________ 7. Public health is concerned with the health of many people rather than one person. T Complete this table: F

Fundamental aspect 8. ________________ Muscular endurance 10. _______________ Skill training 12. _______________ Body composition

the ability of your heart, lungs, and blood vessels to deliver oxygen to your muscles the ability to perform 9. ________________without fatigue the pain-free range of motion of your joints specific maintenance of skills like (give one example) 11. ____ ______________________ maintaining the muscles you already have, or to create additional muscle mass being overweight increases your risk of suffering from diseases like (give one example) 13. _____________________