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The Discovery of Mitochondrial Eve

Rebecca Cann, Mark Stoneking, Allan Wilson Nature

All humans contain mitochondrial DNA that leads back to a common ancestor. Known as Mitochondrial Eve.

Mitochondrial Eve
Mitochondrial DNA
DNA that is passed down from women
Grandmother Adf Daughter Mother

What mitochondrial eve really means?

In sexual reproduction, a person will only pass on half of his or her genes.
After a thousand years, any one of the ancestors genetic will drop to nothing.

How to find our common ancestor?

Need to ensure that the genes that are passed down has little or no alteration.
In women, the mitochondrial DNA is the one thing that is unchanged during sexual reproduction. During fertilization, the female egg cells destroy the mitochondria in the sperm cell and leaving only the female mitochondria behind.

Mitochondria is passed down and relatively unchanged to every human alive today

PARIS, March 26 2012 Several dozen Indonesian women founded the colonisation of Madagascar 1,200 years ago, scientists have said in a probe into one of the strangest episodes in the human odyssey. A team led by molecular biologist Murray Cox of New Zealands Massey University delved into DNA for clues to explain the migration.If the samples are right, about 30 Indonesian women founded the Malagasy population with a much smaller, but just as important, biological contribution from Africa, it says.The study focussed only on mitrochondrial DNA, which is transmitted only through the mother, so it does not exclude the possibility that Indonesian men also arrived with the first women. int/travel/indonesian-eves-colonisedmadagascar-1200-years-ago/