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Teacher :Mrs.

Valli Class/Set: Thales9 Date:25/11/11 Time/Period: 4 Number of pupils: 30 Subject: Google SketchUp Lesson 4 Scheme of Work: Learning Objectives (WALT): Know: how to use an increasingly wide range of tools within a 3D design application Understand: how to translate a 2D sketch on paper into a 3D design on the computer Be able to: become more confident in their use of a 3D design application

Room: 27 Level:6/7

Intended Learning Outcomes (WILF): All must be able to: Have completed at least one house of the future Most should be able to: Have a designed a number of houses as part of their street of the future Some could: Have begun to use dynamic components or have downloaded and incorporated some elements from Keywords: house, 3D Design, push/pull tool, select tool, scale tool, orbit tool, fill tool, 3dWarehouse. Reference to cross-curriculum issues (Literacy, Numeracy, Citizenship, PSHE, ECM..): D&T Entry ( 2.5 mins) Resources Odd one out.ppt Starter (5 mins): Give students a scrap of paper and ask them to find the odd one out from the terms displayed on odd one out.ppt. Ask them to also write down the reason why they think that their choice was the odd one out. Main ( 45 mins) Teacher instructions Ask students to remind you about what they did last week. Remind students that they will need their street of the future paper designs and inform them that they have the rest of the lesson and homework to complete their street design. Use the peer assessment you did last week to improve your design. Individual task Students should log on, open Sketchup and work towards completing their street of the future design task. Offer help and assistance as required. Plenary ( 5 mins): Using the picture of the Google Sketchup toolbar below: 1) Name the tool 2) Brief description of what each of those tools would be used for. Plenary_tools.doc Headphones

Exit ( 2.5 mins) Differentiation (related to Learning Outcomes) G & T: Create components such as furniture, outdoor objects etc and add to their design. Investigate the use of dynamic components for use in Google Sketchup Investigate and see if there are any components which they could download and use. Special Education Needs: Other adult support/roles: Homework return, feedback and setting: No homework, feedback given through markbook Assessment including WILF: Markbook in Dropbox Evaluation of the lesson: Informal observations made by other education professionals [ ]