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Reservations clerk : Kuala Lumpur International Airport , good morning. May I help you? Aqilah : Yes, do you have any flights to Singapore next Tuesday afternoon? Reservations clerk : One moment, please... Yes. Theres a flight at 16:45 and one at 18:00. Aqilah : Thats fine. Could you tell me how much a return flight costs? Ill be staying three weeks. Reservations clerk : Economy, business class or first class ticket? Aqilah : Economy, please. Reservations clerk : That would be RM 550 . Aqilah : OK. Could I make a reservation? Reservations clerk : Certainly. Which flight would you like? Aqilah : The 16:45, please. Reservations clerk : Could I have your name, please? Aqilah : My name is Aqilah, thats A-Q-I-L-A-H. Reservations clerk : How would you like to pay, Ms. Aqilah? Aqilah : Can I pay at the check-in desk when I pick up my ticket? Reservations clerk : Yes, but you will have to confirm this reservation at least two hours before departure time. Aqilah : I see. Reservations clerk : Now you have been booked, Ms. Aqilah. The flight leaves at 16:45, and your arrival in Singapore will be at 17:30, local time. The flight number is NWA 476. Aqilah : Thank you. May I ask you a question? Reservations clerk : Yes, for sure. Aqilah : My family and I want to go to Langkawi for a trip. Can I know how much a return flight cost? Reservations clerk : Sure, you can. How many members in your family? Aqilah : Five. Reservation clerk : Actually, this month, we have promotion for family trip. So, that would be RM 180. Aqilah : Oh I see.. Thank you again.