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Name Std. Roll No. Passing Year Sub Project Prof in charge Date :- FAISAL. SAEED MULLAJI :- S.Y.B.M.S. :-30 :- 2012- 2013 :- Marketing Management :- MALL SURVEY :-GANESH ACHWAL :Sign:

1. How many time you visit the mall during the month?
a. 1 b. 2 c. Or more then that 2. How Much Km the mall is away from your place? a. 2to3 Km b. 5to6 Km c. More than that

3. What are the things that attract you towards mall?

a. Clothes b. Games c. Electronic items

4. Do you like the product quality that you get in the mall?
a. Yes b. No

5. Do you think efficient and effective way finding system in shopping mall can enhance your shopping experience?
a. Yes b. No

6. Is shopping in mall affordable for lower class people?

a. Yes b. No

7. In the future what kind of factor that you think way finding in the shopping mall should be improved?
a. More mobile b. User interface c. More personalization

8. Which of the following is your favorite shopping mall?

a. Orbit Mall b. City Center c. Phoenix Mill

9. What is the best description of way finding in the shopping mall?

a. Location b. Info Center

10. In which situation you will use the way finding in the shopping mall?
a. Cannot find a shop that you want b. Get lost c. First visit the mall

11. Do you think elements way finding is able to help you resolve your issue/need?
a. Fair b. Good c. Bad

12. Is shopping in malls are really economical?

a. Yes b. No 13. Are malls occupying the valuable space in cities like Mumbai where more

than of the population are staying in slums?

a. Yes b. No 14. Is enough security available in malls? a. Yes b. No 18. What are the advantages of shopping in the mall? a. You get all the varaities under one roof b. It saves time c. It is economically saves money 19. Is mall culture hampering the business of small retail shops? a. Yes b. No 20. Huge decor & lavish shops attract customers in the mall? a. Yes b. No NAME:ADDRES:MOB NO (OPTIONAL)