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Please advise Bruce Richards of the result after the game has been completed; (@) (c) 083 700 0064. The first drawn pair (left) shall enjoy the choice of venue. The first pair drawn in each match shall be responsible for making all arrangements for the match and for reporting the result. They shall give their opponents at least 3 dates on recognised golfing days, two of which shall be on weekends and the venue shall be one included on the Club roster. Once a date has been chosen it can only be changed by mutual consent. It is obligatory for the first named pair to contact their opponents within two weeks of receiving this draw, otherwise the choice of venue may be reversed. Any matches, in any round, which have not been played by the date determined for the completion of the round, shall be deemed to be in default. The defaulting pair shall be eliminated. Each player to play off the handicap given below UNLESS current CLUB handicap is less than that given, in which case the player must play off the club handicap. A match shall be won by the pair which achieves the higher combined score over the 18 holes. In the event of scores being tied after 18 holes, the match shall proceed on a 'sudden death' basis, no further handicap allowance being given to either side. CUP DRAW
Derek Browne (19) Eugene Marx (9) John Brewin (10) Charles Stillwell (18) "Home" Team Pat Gaffney (11) Derek Hughes (14) Norman Leys (11) Les Coetzee (15) H/C 11 0 0 13 vs "Away" Team Leroy Azar (10) Graham Duggie (9) Claudio Piovesan (22) Pino Gerin (4) Barry Bruton (13) Alan Needham (11) George Williams (7) Johan van Wyk (13) H/C 0 3 3 0

"Home" Team Lucien Tager (15) Dean Hausberger (3) Merrick Douglas (14) Sean Ledden (11) Mike Hendricks (13) Kevin McKenzie (4) Dobri Stanisavljevic (10) Hennie Ehlers (12) H/C 0 0 0 4 vs Spero Marinaki (16) Glen Dalton (11) Alec Saunders (21) Frank Booth (9) "Away" Team Garth Elliott (7) Frank Leenaerts (15) Ron Bartram (12) Dave Stevens (9) H/C 5 1 16 0