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I am From By Bethany Wright I am from My Mother Beautiful, young, poor, kind I am from My Father Harsh, brave, provider, handsome

I am from Insecurities Ugly, fat, weak, unwanted I am from Beauty Kind, smart, funny, happy I am from My Lord Loving, provider, healer, giver I am From Humor Dancing, laughing, outrages, fun I am from Grace Given, forgiven, healed, peace I am from Outgoingness Brave, friendly, happy, kind I am from Peace Yoga, jogging, faithfulness, relaxation I am from Change Moving, newness, choices, now I am from Reality I am from Bethany All that I am is a part of me Can. cant, right, wrong I am from 1990s N64, Vhs, Nickelodeon, childhood I am from History Remember, recall, learn, move on