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Assignments and Grade Book

How to set up the Grade Book Navigate to Assignments

1. Edit Teacher Preferences

Most recent Assignment appear first in Grade Book

Appears on Portal


Apply settings to all classes

Updated 8/23/2012

2. Edit Grade Calc Options

HS Numeric Curve JH - JH Alpha Curve OR - Numeric Curve

Check if using weighted Categories

3. Edit Categories

Create Category
Leave as 0 if Category is not weighted

Sequence order in which Categories appear in Grade Book (1 is first). If all are 1, then Categories appear in alphabetical order. Categories can be copied ONLY to courses with same course number.


Updated 8/23/2012

4. Create Assignment

Assignments are sorted in Grade Book, first by Due Date, then by Name. (Numbers in Name sort before alpha characters.)

Due date determines Quarter in which the assignment will be averaged.

Select the Category for Assignment.


Updated 8/23/2012

View of All Assignments

Example: Homework 2 is aligned to the Quarter Grade, in the Homework Category, in Quarter 2, with 3 of 3 students graded. One student turned the assignment in late. (DUE DATE aligns assignment to Quarter.)

Grade Book view of the Assignments


Updated 8/23/2012

What else can I do in Assignments?

Changes Save Automatically Filter Assignments

Change Dates

Click Assignment Name to Change information Click to enter student scores


Updated 8/23/2012