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I am from Missouri. Rolling hills and trees lush green, Wild flowers fighting to be seen. Hiking trails and clean night skies, The views outside where the beauty lies.

I am from siblings. Building forts out in the yard, Coming inside always seemed so hard. Siblings who always have my back, When outsiders try to make a crack.

I am from back roads. Grandmas house and homemade pies, Fun family times and sad goodbyes. Swimming holes and tire swings, The little things are the greatest things.

I am from parents. A mom and a dad to teach me, To learn to love the world around me. Family prayers and hugs goodnight, All taught me how to choose the right.

I am from all these things. Rolling hills and grandmas pies. A loving family and clear night skies. From all these things is where I come. For who I am is where Im from.