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Suresh Venkataraman a successful marketer in Southern part of India. He was Fascinated by the power of consumer products in Rural Market. He decided to launch a new cosmetic product with a brand named Super Shampoo He wanted to make this brand successful but with limited fund.

FMCG Facts In India

Household Care Laundry, Soaps & detergents, floor cleaners etc.

Personal Care

Oral care(tooth paste/tooth powder & tooth brushes), Hair Care(hair oil, Shampoo)etc.

Food & Beverages Cereals, Bakery products, tea, coffee, dairy products.


Bharat Vs India
Emerging INDIA Mission 101.1 Target low to reach on top. Still deprived of luxury goods. First BHARAT then INDIA. Want less for more.
Income Per Year Households (in Millions)

Less than Rs 90,000

Rs 90,000-Rs 200,000 Rs 200,000-Rs Rs 500,000 Rs 500,000-Rs 1,000,000 More than Rs 1,000,000

91.3 10.8 2.4 1.2

Source: "The Marketing Whitebook," BusinessWorld, 2007-08

Power of S
Invention of sachets revolutionized the FMCG market. It opened B2C untapped market in rural areas. Unaffordable products became affordable for common people. Luxury comes in Sachets. Reduced overall cost.

Market Leader In Hair Care

Clinic All Clear 3% Pantene 1% Sunsilk 3%

Brands Used

Other 1%

Chik 31%

Clinic Plus 39%

Head & Shoulder 22%

Affecting Factors
POLITICAL 1. Transportation and infrastructure development in rural areas helps in distribution network. 2. SEZ policies in rural areas ECONOMICAL 1. The FMCG sector is a 4th largest sector of Indian

SOCIAL 1. Rural employment 2. Volume-driven growth in rural market. 3. Major young population can increase revenue . TECHNOLOGICAL 1. Technology has been simplified and available in the industry. 2. Foreign players helps in high technological development.

1. Low operational costs 2. Established distribution networks in both urban and rural areas. 3. Presence of well-known brands in FMCG sector.

1. Lower scope of investing in technology and achieving economies of scale. 2. Low exports levels 3. Counterfeit Products.

OPPORTUNITIES 1. Untapped rural market 2. Rising income levels 3. Large domestic market-. 4. High consumer goods spending THREATS 1. Slowdown in rural demand 2. Tax and regulatory structure

Analysis of 4Ps


Price Promotion



WHY SUPER Shampoo?

Product Super shampoo will be based on Shikakai. Characteristics of producing more foam. Jasmine Essence Price 1Rs shampoo to target lower income group. More for Less Strategy. 50% more for 1Rs. Competitive Price comparing with other brands.

Place Untapped rural market. 160million households. Major player of economic growth. Business of around US$ 425 million. Promotion Super the name itself. Retailers are the biggest promoters Following Word-OfMouth Strategy. Indirect Advertisement by others.

5th P- Packaging
Costly bottles. Help in reducing cost. Attractive Packaging. Easy recognition. Easy to carry & transport.

Value for Money proposition Supported by distribution penetration Word-of Mouth publicity. More for less strategy. Win-Win situation.

Success Super Shampoo Sachet

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