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Joint Study on EU Canada Economic Partnership

Joint Study on EU Canada Economic Partnership

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Published by: EU Chamber Of Commerce in Canada-West on Aug 28, 2012
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In agreeing to undertake this study to assess the costs and benefits of a closer economic
partnership, the EU and Canada also undertook to identify how such a partnership could
complement ongoing bilateral cooperation in areas such as science and technology, energy
and the environment. As such, the analysis in the study goes beyond the traditional
assessments of the impacts of reductions in tariff and non-tariff barriers by also examining
existing bilateral cooperation in a wide variety of fields and indicating areas where
cooperation could be enhanced.

In order to present a broad picture of bilateral cooperation, attention is paid to the roles of
various levels of government in both the EU and Canada as well as to the activities of non-
governmental actors. This section offers forward-looking analysis that not only indicates areas
in which the EU-Canada economic relationship as a whole could be enhanced, but also
specific ideas as to how it could be improved. The areas examined include: science and
technology, energy, the environment, regulatory cooperation, transportation, customs
cooperation and trade facilitation, employment and social affairs, movement of people,
education and training, investment promotion, competition policy, and fisheries.

The analysis in this section will demonstrate that there is significant potential to enhance the
EU-Canada economic relationship on several levels, in addition to the more traditional trade
and investment areas already addressed in Part 2. It will also reveal that there are a number
of important issues which fall, in whole or in part, under more than one jurisdiction or
competence, e.g. provinces/territories in Canada, Member States in the EU. In order to further
advance the EU-Canada relationship, this will need to be addressed in the future. The list of
potential areas for future cooperation is extensive, albeit by no means exhaustive, with
proposals of varying scope – from cooperation between a small number of experts to more
wide-ranging initiatives.


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