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MIEUSSET Thomas <> Wednesday, March 23, 2011 10:20 AM Stahl, Eric; CRISE Asn LIA02 Hoc; LIA03 Hoc; CHEIKH-ALI Ahmad; MIEUSSET Thomas RE: Call with NRC, HSE and CNSC

Eric, Thanks for the proposal. ASN will participate to these meetings. Regards Thomas

De : Stahl, Eric [] Envoy6 : mercredi 23 mars 2011 14:38 A: MIEUSSET Thomas; CHEIKH-ALI Ahmad Cc: LIA02 Hoc; LIA03 Hoc Objet: Call with NRC, HSE and CNSC Thomas and Ahmad

Staff in our Operations Center asked me to contact you regarding French participation in a daily call concerning health physics/radiation protection/dose between the NRC Protective Measures Team, HSE and CNSC. ASN and IRSN are invited to participate in the call, which takes place daily at 2:00pm (Washington time). If your organizations would like to participate, please have them call the operator at +1 301-816-5100 and ask for the UK/Canada/France? call. Thanks, Eric




March 23, 2011 NSC

A ,.al calculation using the System for Predicting Environmental Emergency Dose Information (SPEEDI) network system

On March [6, 20111, Nuclear Safety Commission-'(NSC) made t•ial calucuIation of radioactive materials: emitted from TEPCO F iý ma #l Station that is requiside, for predicting dose Qf radi6active malt in he environment, since we don't have accub, intfoimeatoi mesud Omitted r~adio

On March 20, the wind diection around the nuclear- poWeTr station shftied toward the land direction made possible to measure..dust sumplig ,of radio nuclides (iodjes), so -we: ou-ld stfima raidioactive: matras ematld fr-om ntuclear power sta•tion. It let -us possibje td .catuaculate teniatively by using

- Not mesurerd value of source infolmatiom - This is an estiation .of thyroid equivalent dose acumulateon the- onservative sidt conditions, ibr exaprnple beitng one. year -di infimt2 Outside: between. 201-1/03/12. 0600

2011103/24 0000,(1ST) eto.


e of staying infdoors, the equ'

dose would be redused at rate of 114 - VtO

- further more it is needed to upgrade measued data: in order to hiiprove quality of calutuiation