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APWH Movie Review Extra Credit Opportunity

To receive extra credit all 7 sections of the movie review must be completed. Reviews must be TYPED and formatted based on the requirements below. You may complete one movie review per 6-weeks. You will receive a 100 in place of your lowest grade. Reviews are due NO LATER THAN the last day of the 6-weeks.

For each movie review, please include all of the following information: 1. Name of movie 2. Year released 3. Director(s) 4. Main actors and their characters 5. Rating- R rated movies require a parent signature on the top of page 1. 6. The Summary & Review (750 words minimum; written in paragraph form; includes all of the following): a. Summary- a brief summary of the story, including the major characters and an analysis of the point of view of each. b. Setting/Connection to History- Explain the connection this movie has to World History. (In what place and time was the movie set? What major events/movements were occurring during this time period? Describe the global context). c. Movie Review- The purpose of a movie review is to inform a potential viewer about the movie by offering your judgment and commentary. Include in your review your opinions about what worked and what didnt work in the film. Give positive commentary (praise for things you really liked about the picture) and/or criticism and recommendations on things you would have liked to see presented differently. Give specific examples from the movie to support your views. Make sure you address the historical accuracy of the film. 7. Critics Corner- Your overall rating of the movie. You may assign it a letter grade, + and ok (ex: A-). Award it the grade you feel it deserves, but support the letter grade with commentary that justifies your opinion.