Practical No.

1Aim: Introduction to various component of microwave wor bench and measuringequipment Theory: 1] Klystron Power Supply;Klystron Power supply is a state of art solid state reg ulated power supply for operatinglow power lystron such as 2 25, 723 MB.2] VSWR meter The meter indicates the signal level in propogation to the i/p which is c alibration directlyin VSWR and db3] Klystron mountThese are mount for mounting c orresponding lystron,. These consist of a section of waveguide flanged on one e nd and transmitted with a movable sport on the other end.4] Isolator:This port c ircular may be converted into isolator by terminating one of its port in\tomomen tal load.5] Frequency motor:It gives directfrequencyon the dial provided These a re recommended for used Whgenever quic determination of frequency and easy read ing are desired.6]Variable attenuator WaveguideThis is provided atleast 20db of continous variable attenuator.This Consist of movable loosywave inside the secti on of a guide by means of amicrometer 7] Slotted line Section:It consists of two parallel plane strips and central conductor with N(m) connection on oneend and N(f) connector on the other end.8] Magic Tee:TEE consist of a section of wavegui de wiuth both series and shunt wave guide armsmounted at the exact midpoint of m ain arm.9] Fixed attenuator:These are used for inserting a nown attenuator to a waveguided. These of a attenuationto a waveguide. These of a loosy inserted in a section flanged on the b oth ends







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