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SAS Application Support

SAS Application Support

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Published by: Optimus Information Inc on Aug 28, 2012
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SAS Application Support

Our Client uses a Ship Administration System (SAS) and an XML Tool, which manage various activities onboard all of their vessels. The SAS records the data of crewmembers, primarily looking at their work hours and accounts. For example, the SAS adds and deducts money used for laundry allowances, catering allowances, radio charges, overtime hours, special remittance, additional allowances and special allowances on a crewmember’s account. It also records any cash advances crewmembers take. In particular, the SAS is meant to administer the sea farers’ travel documents when the vessel they are traveling on enters a new country. Key Challenges: • The SAS and XML tools are critical applications for vessels since they deal with the payroll and eNOA/D (Electronic notification of arrival/departure) process, so any errors would directly result in revenue loss. • These applications were old and installed in more than 150 vessels sailing around the world. • Instant support needed to be provided for tickets to be resolved. • All of the upgrades and patches had to be of a high caliber and reliable.

The Client:
The Client is a global shipping company that serves the world’s leading oil and gas companies. With over 6000 employees in offices worldwide and a fleet of over 150 ships, the client requires consistently reliable software support and maintenance.

How Optimus Helped:
Optimus provides the primary application support for the SAS and XML Tool. The crew members are usually the application’s end users so they contacted us directly by email or call for any required support work. We troubleshoot any problems by analyzing the issue and send a set of steps to resolve the issue back to the crewmember that contacted us. As well, our team works with the client’s onshore functional team when resolving any legacy issues from previous versions of the application and for adding or upgrading features to the application. We ensure that quality services are being delivered by making modifications on a test server, which is an exact replica of the application’s running environment, before implementing the change on the real server. Optimus is in continuous touch with the client via weekly calls.

The Process:
1. The end users reports an issue. 2. We log the issue into the ticket tracking system and notify the vessel. 3. We investigate the issue, create a solution, and send it to the user. 4. We contact the user to confirm that the issues have been resolved and update the ticket accordingly.

Technologies used: MS Access, .Net, and Visual Basic

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