BINDERS – Honors Spanish I –Srta Rodolico
Your notebooks (1 ½ in. 3-ring binders) will have 4 sections separated by divider sheets with tabs (or a different color sheet of paper) and organized as follows:

Section 1 – Class information

This section will include (in order) 1) Notebook Organization Sheet (this sheet) 2) Spanish Guidelines Sheet 3) Useful Spanish Class Phrases Sheet

Section 2 – Vocabulary
In this section, please place completed vocabulary lists and vocabulary activities. This section will be extremely helpful when studying for quizzes, tests, and exams.

Section 3 –Class Notes and Grammar Handouts/Worksheets

This section will also contain any notes (written or printed) from class discussions, activities, Power Points, etc. It will also contain any grammatical handouts/worksheets that you receive. Study guides may also be placed in this section.

Section 4 – Returned Tests/Quizzes/Homework Assignments

This section will contain completed homework assignments not done in your workbook. When a graded assignment is returned, it belongs under this tab. Some homework will be graded for accuracy, while other homework will be graded based on completion. You will want to refer to this section when studying for tests. You will keep all returned and graded tests and quizzes to keep track of your progress in class and to use for future assessments. *Binders will be graded at least once a semester. *Notebook paper can be stored behind all other tabs.___________

Your binders are strictly reserved for Spanish Class!! Do not place work for other classes in the binder, it will make it much harder to stay organized.

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