1. B Basics of Accounting A
T Types of Accounts, Gol lden Rules o Accounti of ing, Accoun nting Princi iples, Conce epts a Conven and ntions, Doub Entry Sy ble ystem of Bo Keeping Mode of A ook g, Accounting g, F Financial Sta atements, T Transactions Recording Transactio s, g ons

2. F Fundament tals of Tally y.ERP 9
  Getting Functional with Tally g l y.ERP 9 Creation / Setting up of Company in Tal lly.ERP 9

3: A Accounting Masters in Tally.ERP 9 g n

F11:Fea atures F12 : Co onfiguration ns Setting up Accoun Heads nt

 

4: In nventory in Tally.ER 9 n RP
    

Stock G Groups Stock C Categories Godow / Locati wns ions Units of Measure f Stock It tems Creatin Inventory Masters fo National Traders ng y or

5: V Voucher En ntry in Tall ly.ERP 9  Accoun nting Vouch hers
 

Invento Voucher ory rs Invoicin ng

6: A Advanced A Accounting in Tally.E g ERP 9
       

Bill-wis Details se Cost Ce entres and C Cost Catego ories Vouche Class and Cost Centr Class er d re Multipl Currencie le es Bank Re econciliatio on Interest Calculations t Budgets & Control ls Scenario Managem ment

© Tally Solutions Pv Ltd. All rights reserved - 201 vt. s 11

201 vt.ERP 9 Recordi Intersta Transact ing ate tions in Tally. s 11 . All rights reserved .ERP 9 in P  Creatin Masters ng  Enterin Transacti ng ions  Accoun nting for Ret turn of Goo ods  Rate Di ifference in Purchase / Sales  Accoun nting for Int terstate Tran nsactions  Exempt Transactio under V t ons VAT      Purchas from Un ses nregistered Dealers Claimin ITC on C ng Capital Goods Inter-St tate Branch Transfers VAT Re eports VAT for Composit Dealers te 9: C Central Sale Tax (CST es T)    Basics o Central S of Sales Tax (CST) Enablin CST in Ta ng ally.ERP 9 l Paymen of CST nt CST Re eports   © Tally Solutions Pv Ltd.ER 9 in RP            Order P Processing Reorder Levels r Trackin Numbers ng s Batch-w Details wise s Additio onal Cost Details Bill of M Materials (B BoM) Price Le evels and Price Lists Stock V Valuation Zero Va alued Entrie es Invento Ageing Analysis ory Differen Actual an Billed Quantities nt nd 8: V Value Adde Tax (VA ed AT)  Configu uring VAT i Tally.7: A Advanced I Inventory i Tally.

All rights reserved . .201 vt.ER 9 es of ) RP Configu uring Point of Sale in T Tally.ERP 9 Enterin POS Tran ng nsactions POS Re eports 11: J Costin Job ng  Configu uring Job Costing In Ta ally.NET Configu Tally.ERP 9  TallyVa ault  Security Control y  Tally A Audit   Backup and Restor p re Split Co ompany Da ata     Export and Impo of Data t ort ODBC Connectiv vity Web En nabled.NET Features ure s Connec Company on Tally. ew .N ct y NET Create R Remote Use ers Authorise Remote Users Remote Access e © Tally Solutions Pv Ltd. s 11 .ERP 9    Creatin Masters f Job Cost ng for ting Recordi Transac ing ctions Job Cos sting Report ts 12: Multilingu Capabi ual ilities  Configu uring Tally.NET and Remo Capabil T ote lities       Overvie of Tally. Print Preview and Onli Help w ine Printin of Repor and Ch ng rts heques 14: T Tally.ERP 9 for M Multilingual Capabilities   Creatin Masters ng Enterin Transacti ng ions in Mult tiple Langu uages Translit teration Generating Report ts   13: T Technolog gical Advan ntages of T Tally.10: Point of Sa (PoS) ale     Feature of Point o Sale (PoS) in Tally.

201 vt. .ERP 9 for S Service Tax Creatin Masters ng Enterin Transacti ng ions Accoun nting for Ad dvance Rece eipts Accoun nting for Op pening Serv Tax Cre vice edit Paymen of Service Tax nt e Service Tax Report ts     18: T Deduc Tax cted at Sou urce      Basic co oncepts of T TDS Configu uring TDS i Tally.ERP 9 in P Creation of Master rs Process sing Transac ctions TDS Re eports 19: T Collec Tax cted at Source      Basic Concepts of T TCS Configu uring Tally.ERP 9 for T TCS Creatin Masters ng Enterin Transacti ng ions TCS Re eports © Tally Solutions Pv Ltd. s 11 . All rights reserved .E ERP 9  Logging to Contro Centre g ol  Manag ging Accou unts using Control Ce entre 16: Online He and Sup elp pport   Feature of Suppor Centre es rt Accessi the Supp ing port Centre e Using S Support Cen ntre  17: Service Ta ax     Basics o Service Tax of Configu uring Tally.on C 15: Applicatio Management and Controls  Concep of Contro Centre pt ol  Installin & Activa ng ating Tally. .

ERP 9 Creatin Masters ng Enterin Transacti ng ions Excise R Reports Sales & Purchase E Extract    21: Excise for Manufactu urers    Basic Concepts of E Excise Duty y Configu uring Excise in Tally.201 vt.20: Excise for Dealers     Basic Concepts Salient Features of Dealer Exc f cise Enablin Dealer Ex ng xcise in Tall ly. All rights reserved .ER 9 e RP Creation of Master rs Process sing Transac ctions Excise R Reports   22: Payroll Ac ccounting a Compl and liance      Configu uring Payro in Tally.E oll ERP 9 Creatin Payroll M ng Masters Process sing Payroll in Tally.ER 9 l RP Accoun nting for Em mployer PF Contributio ons Accoun nting for Em mployer ESI Contributions Paymen of Professional Tax nt Generating Payroll Reports   © Tally Solutions Pv Ltd. s 11 .

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