Activities for which bribes are levied by netas and babus

Activities for “personal account” taxation Acquiring assets Details

Land, houses, cars, scooters - Paid directly or as “service charges” through the society, dealer, etc, Any asset acquired by a citizen entails own account taxes if it is to be recognised by registration.
Smaller the business, larger the percentage. Retail pushcart dealers/street vendors estimatedly pay police or their agents Rs 20 to Rs 30 a day from their earnings of Rs Rs 100-500. Fast food restaurants pay Rs 500-1,000per week to the health inspectors of the local municipality. Birth certificates/death certificates/ration card/passport/caste certificates. The amount varies from Rs 100 to Rs 1,000, depending on the bargaining power and urgency. Minimum is Rs 100. For roads, water pipes, cables, houses for low-income groups, stadium, parks, etc - varies from 1 to 3 percent of the amount Government hospitals, schools, electricity board, water works, RTO. It varies from Rs 10 for a bedpan service at a government hospital to Rs 10,000 for vehicle fitness inspection certificate. Traffic police, building set-off, wrong construction, basement parking as shops, illegal electric/water/phone connection, violating labour laws, bringing in foreign goods not allowed above the specified limit, keeping cattle in cities, felling public trees, 1

Carrying on trade/business

Identity establishment

Acquiring contracts

Availing “free” services

Closing the eye services

etc. The amount is negotiable with a minimum of Rs 100. At the very low level it is paying half the fare in public buses without ticket. Government payments Old age pension, free credit by some govt. schemes, land compensation, fire compensation, riot compensation. It is again anything between 2 to 50 percent of the amount. In many situations, the “fee” is after delivery like American plaintiff lawyers who collect a percentage as fees (contingent claims) after winning the case All activities of government. The percentage varies from 2 to 20 percent with a minimum of Rs 100 to Rs 200

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