Problem Statement: Design a database for an airline ,the database must keep track of customers and their reservations

, flights and their status, seat assignments on individual flights, and the schedule and routine of future flights. Your design should include an E-R diagram ,a set of relational schemas, and a list of constraints, including primary –key and foreign key constraints. Assumptions: Passenger cannot make cancellations. Entities: • Passenger: This entity includes passenger details P-id,name,age address,e-mail. Airport:This entity includes Airport details like Airport code,name,city and country. • • • • Booking Office :It includes Office _Id and Office_name. Airplane :This entity includes Reg_No,Flight type,ans no of seats. Airlines :This entity represents the Airline Name and its owner. Flight: This entity includes details about the flights which comprises of Flight, Class –Eg:Business class, Economy class etc.,source and destination airports of flights,its departure date and time,arrival date and time.

Relationships: • • • • • • Books Ticket : It is a relationship between the Passenger and Booking office. Lands On : It’s a relationship between the Airplane and Airport,it depicts which plane lands on which airport. Owned By :It’s a relationship which shows which relationship between the Airplane and Airlines ie. Which airplane belongs to which Airlines. Flies:is a relationship that tells which Flight flies under which Airline. Travels on:It’s a relationship that tells us which flight travels on which routes ie. It shows the relationship between Flight and Route. Charges :It’s a relationship between the Route and Fare entities.

Flight no. .Constraints: 1.Route no cannot be null.Airplane has total participation o Land on relationship.Source Destination cannot be null 4.Airport code name cannot be null 3. 5.Passport Id ie P-Id and Name cannot be null in Passenger table 2.

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