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Teacher: Mrs.

Valli Class/Set: 9M2 Date: 23/03/12 Number of pupils: 30 Learning Objectives (WALT): Subject: GameMaker Lesson 4

Time/Period: 3&4 Scheme of Work:

Room: CC Level:5/6

Able to create a game using sprites, objects and room in GameMaker Able to make game interesting to play by adding extra components like sound, music, background, enemies etc.

- Able to apply more features and functions available in GameMaker and take the game to next level. Intended Learning Outcomes (WILF): All must be able to: use the design template to create the game Most should be able to: include goal, sprites & objects, rooms & levels, challenges & lives,score system in game. Some could: include instructions screen, score board, music, sound in game.
Keywords: GameMaker, sprite, object, room, background, music, sound, enemies, monsters, bombs, levels, help menu, starter screen. Reference to cross-curriculum issues (Literacy, Numeracy, Citizenship, PSHE, ECM..): Entry ( 2.5 mins) Starter (5 mins): Demo the GameMaker solutions to pupils for the problems faced by them on previous lesson. Main ( 55 mins): Explain WILF Task of the day Resources

GameMaker_ Lesson 4.pptx

Use the design template to create the game

You need to follow the requirements needed to get good grades: goal, sprites & objects, rooms & levels, challenges & lives and score system.

You need to put some additional features to get excellent grades: instructions screen, score board, music, sound etc. Plenary ( 10 mins): AfL Exit ( 2.5 mins) Differentiation (related to Learning Outcomes) - G & T: Help peers finding difficulties in completing the game. Homework : 1) Produce some screenshots showing and explaining the development of your game 2) Produce a user guide for the game For a C grade Be able to make a start on the rooms in GameMaker Add Characters to your Room and given them an ability to move and collect objects You should be able to add and make use of variables in this game Be able to make use of first person view For a B grade To add different types of paths to a Room and control an enemy within a game Add a scoring system within the game and use of variables adding scores and making comparisons For an A grade Be able to develop their chosen game design into a multi-player game with 2 or more different scoring systems Subtract / compare points adding health different types of points To be able to use different pages within the Room setting in GAMEMAKER To trigger an event when a player has so many points / health i.e. Jump, move Change the view of a character X grade A grade + evidence of using coding within the game Assessment including WILF: Questioning & Discussion (AfL): Discuss on criteria in order to get good grades - homework. Evaluation of the lesson: Informal observations made by curriculum mentor [x]: