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134 - Lord Monckton Reports on Rio+20

134 - Lord Monckton Reports on Rio+20

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Published by David E Robinson

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Published by: David E Robinson on Aug 29, 2012
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Lord Moncton Reports on Rio+20
WOW…a “Mad Gig”…the Cabal’s Attempts to Bring About One World Government Failed…“The Game is Up”… This video statement: http://tinyurl.com/6p9lore appears to be quite a big confirmation of some great news... that the attempts to bring about a “One World Government” at the Rio+20 conference have failed. Yesterday, the Drake and company had mentioned “Agenda 21”, and the intent to create a “One World Government.” Then here’s what Ben [Fulford] started his article with today.” Last week the cabal controlled media in the West tried to pretend the Rio summit was a failure even though $513 billion was pledged by 100 nations to fight poverty and environmental destruction. It was a cabal failure because $513 billion that, in the past, would have been handed over to the rich by the poor is instead being given by middle income countries to the poorest countries. This is undeniable proof the international boycott of the war-mongering, mass murdering leaders of the United States and many European countries is intensifying. The cabalists are trying to pass the pain on to their own slave people and this is why there is a “financial crisis” in the West.” So now we have this video, • 4:15 From their [cabal’s] point of view, conference was a failure. • 4:30 The cabal intentions were to allow the U.N. to become effectively a one world government (Al Gore, Jacques Chirac, et al, have been talking about it). • 6:10 The original document (of Rio?) concluded that not climate change, but poverty was the main problem in the world. • 7:15 The fact that poverty is considered number 1, focuses attention on bringing the world out of poverty. • 8:00 Prosperity stabilizes the world population. • 9:00 Our footprint on the world should not be too heavy. • 9:26 But these concerns were not discussed at the conference, rather they were effectively talking about means of bringing freedom to an end worldwide. • 9:37+ They lost. They lost big time... The game is up.

from Liberty News Network, with Lord Christopher Monckton, chief policy advisor to the Science and Public Policy Institute and former science advisor to Margaret Thatcher, explaining, exactly that happened. This is only a 10 minute video, so listen carefully and enjoy the message. I’ll throw in the highlights below. Just below the video is the accompanying text. Note: “Pointy head” apparently is a term that means something It has become impossible for like, “intellectual, especially in a self-important or impractical way.” the cabal to hide the truth; they are being defeated. Highlights Published on Jun 23, 2012 by • 0:55 Whole conference had LibertyInOurTime. “stink of death upon it”. Lord Christopher Monckton, chief • 2:50 The real ambition [of policy advisor to the Science and Greenpeace] has nothing to do Public Policy Institute and former with the environment. science advisor to Margaret • 3:20 Had everything to do with Thatcher, tells The New American destroying the economies of the from Rio that the just-concluded West, from within. Rio+20 conference was not about

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saving the planet or eradicating poverty, but about shackling the plant under global government. He also optimistically stresses that the “pointy heads here in Rio” have failed despite their declaration of success and that “the game is up.”
Video produced by: http://ww.libertynewsnetwork.tv Links to news articles on the Rio+20 conference and the drive for a UNadministered “global green regime” (i.e. socialist world government): Critics of Sustainability Hysteria Slam UN’s Anti-liberty Rio+20 Agenda http://tinyurl.com/cf9c527 UN Official: Western Nations ‘Don’t Need More Cars, More TV, Whatever’ http://tinyurl.com/8axfmpu Clinton: Family Planning Key to Sustainability http://tinyurl.com/7l2wszz Sustainable Development: The Latest UN Scare http://tinyurl.com/7h8jvvd Rio+20 Is Greatest Threat to Biodiversity http://tinyurl.com/7dn3ua8 The Mass Extinction Trope http://tinyurl.com/7p4pnll Before Rio+20, Ted Turner Says Ban Plastic, Use UN to Slash Population http://tinyurl.com/89uoe3m Media Hypes UN Fear-mongering Before Rio+20 Sustainability Summit http://tinyurl.com/ceg4omz Science Group: UN Rio+20 Summit Must Reduce Global Population http://tinyurl.com/bslppwx UN Bosses Secretly Plot Global Govt Through “Green Economy” for Rio+20 http://tinyurl.com/c9vcmuq UN Report for Rio+20 Outlines Top-down “Green” World Order http://tinyurl.com/7azqqng UN Seeks New Powers to Remake World at Rio Sustainability Summit http://tinyurl.com/c9zb242 ”Sustainable Justice” = Redistribution of Scarcity http://tinyurl.com/82gt52g Ambitious UN Sustainability Conference in Rio to Avoid Climate Talk http://tinyurl.com/7aca2h4

UN Ready to Lead Environmental World Government http://tinyurl.com/82kz2sw UN Plans to Expand Its Environmental Agency http://tinyurl.com/8a59zcg UN’s Environmental “Solution”: More Government http://tinyurl.com/7e2rjho UN Pushes Population Control Agenda http://tinyurl.com/89u2w5o Global ObamaCare and World Population Control http://tinyurl.com/8ypz82g UN Demands $76 Trillion for “Green Technology” http://tinyurl.com/73l8uva Eco-Agenda for Planetary Control http://tinyurl.com/6wo9yv7 Your Hometown & the United Nations’ Agenda 21 http://tinyurl.com/837pxr8 The UN Attack on Property http://tinyurl.com/7x3g4vh Hijacking “Spaceship Earth” http://tinyurl.com/bw97mpg EPA’s Plans for Implementing UN’s Agenda 21 http://tinyurl.com/77eje7a What are the UN’s Agenda 21 and ICLEI? http://tinyurl.com/87ofhu9 Reheating the “Global Warming” Myth http://tinyurl.com/7478ryo Global Green Regime: The Biodiversity Treaty http://tinyurl.com/7vsbw9o Law of the Sea Treaty: Through Rosecolored Goggles? http://tinyurl.com/bqlcu82 From Rio to Copenhagen: The Earth Summit’s Legacy http://tinyurl.com/blmp4ah Socialist International in Copenhagen: “Birth of Global Governance” http://tinyurl.com/7e8o6q9 Copenhagen: UN Calls for Trillions in Reparations for “Climate Debt” http://tinyurl.com/7pgwkgq Cancun: Global Hysteria, Wealth Redistribution http://tinyurl.com/7u8meq3 IPCC Researchers Admit Global Warming Fraud http://tinyurl.com/7cyva6b Scaring Us Toward Global Government http://tinyurl.com/732q74t

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