1. Explain primary. secondary and tertiary treatment methods 2. Explain Sedimentation & flotation 3. Compute the following for a waste generated by the formula C9N2H6O2 i) Carbonation Oxygen demand ii) Nitrogen Oxygen demand 4. Define the terms, BOD, COD, TOC, TDS & TSS 5. Explain O2 Sag Curve. Draw & label it. Derive an expression for critical time for biodegradable waste discharge in a river. 6. Discuss the application of least square method in the determination of BOD Constants, namely ‘k’ & ‘L’ 7. Explain the Activated sludge Process with a sketch and the significance of following a) Volumetric loading rate b) Food to microorganism ratio c) Hydraulic retention time d) Mean cell residence time e) Recycle ratio f) Mixed liquor suspended solids 8. Show that for a completely mixed activated sludge system, the concentration of microorganisms (X) is given by θc (So – Se) X = Y ------------------Θ (1 + θc Kd) 9. Draw a neat sketch of trickling bed filter & explain its operation 10. Discus water pollution generated by following industries: 1) Distillery 2) Pulp & Paper 3)Tannery 4) Electroplating

11. What are the nine categories of water pollutant 12. Explain the composition of solid waste

14. land filling and incineration methods for solid wastes. Explain bio-composting.13. Write notes on a) Chemical oxidation in disinfection of waste water b) Sludge treatment & disposal c) Aerobic and anaerobic lagoons d) Chemical oxidation in disinfection of waste water e) Nitrogen removal in waste water f) Adsorption process for waste water management h) Water pollution by population growth i) Activation Sludge process j) Acid Rain k) Ion exchange process in the tertiary treatment of wastewaters l) Incineration process in solid waste management .