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The Story of Kungfu Panda

The Story of Kungfu Panda

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Published by: Anita Anggraini on Aug 29, 2012
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1. Nur Muhammad Alfian 2. Hutama Cakra Wiguna 3. Habiby Zainul M. 4. Ahsan Nasrudin B. 5. Anang Dwi Parmana 6. Mahardian Wahyutama (03) (06) (12) (15) (16) (34)

Class : XI IPA 3

Tahun Pelajaran 2008/2009


” Unfortunately.” Po Duck Po Duck Po Duck Po .” : ”In fact. Dad . What all this uproar?” : “Dreamed crazy dream . I dream of what other? : “ My son finally had a Noodles dream. Po. ..What were you doing there?.” : “I’m coming. This is the story. This is signed.” : ”No. Why?” : ”Son. get up!!! What are you doing at there?” : “Nothing.” : “Po. there was Panda called Po.All of us our place in this world and my place here and place. Duck Po Duck Po : “Po.” : “Sorry.Tales of a legendary warrior who is kungfu skills with the stuff of legend he traveled the land in search of worthy foes. are not Noodle Soup Po Duck Po Duck Po Duck Po Duck Po Duck : “Sorry. he wanted to become a dragon warrior.” : “Signed….” : ”Why not done?” : ”Because it was just a silly dream you can not imagine that I am prepared "Toe Fu"? "Toe Foo". when I was young and crazy I started to run away "and learn how to prepare" Toe Foo.” : ”But Papa pain . . Is to do something else?Addition to the Noodle. you ready to be reliable component secret soup for the secret noodle soup and then will or your sorrow and manage the restaurant who received from his father who received from his father hired by friend and has done..” : “what? How would you dream of? : “I dream of …. Do not know how much I was waiting for this moment.. was just a dream. but his father wanted him to become a noodles maker. let’s go… You late for work. Po…… unfortunately. it was important to dream noodles in the veins. . Noodles” : “Noodles? You dream of noodles? : “Yes.Let’s make a noodles.” : ”I know in here. Then.” : ”Papa...

” Shifu Zheng Oogway Shifu Oogway Shifu Oogway Shifu Oogway : ”Zeng!!! Go to prison and ask them to redouble guard. Po was very busy to service his consument.top speed.rush .” : ”I did not say this. walking in the Valley and revenge. in the Kungfu Palace.Mantis…… : ”Master Shifu.” In the other place.sorry…sorry…!!! What’s?tTeacher Oogway chooses Dragon Warrior today!!! Everyone go to Palace good one of the five will happen Scroll to the . redouble everything. but suddenly Po is reading a Important Attachment. nothing wrong. Master Shifu and his student.” Shifu : ”This is impossible. he is in prison!!!” Oogway : ”Nothing is impossible.high. Mantis. 7 and 12. students.” : ”Dragon’s Scroll !!!” : ”It’s the time. but if left stabilizes answer becomes clear.” : ”We must do something he can not leave.Tai Lung would not leave the prison!!! : ”Lectured milestone!!” : ”One meets its destiny on the road chosen by the Dragon Warrior. Shifu Zheng Shifu Zheng Shifu Oogway Shifu Oogway Shifu : ”Hey.Tigress. monkey .” : ”So.!!!” : ”Reason of such water.If you were trying disappointed me I think. more speed. go to the table 5. my friend when disturbed becomes difficult vision. Tiger. redouble weapons. Monkey.” : ”But it? Who is qualified to be reliable secret of boundless power to become combatants Dragon. stork . and stork are training Kungfu. Tai Lung will return. snake. snake . He…he…. master Shifu !!! : “Why?Whats problem ?” : ”Teacher Oogway wants to see you.” : ”I do not know.Duck : ”No.” : “You say…. Po : ”Oh.” Oogway : ”We are haunted by a vision.” In the restaurant. service with a smile.” : “Teacher Oogway called me ? Is there a problem?” : “Why there is a problem so I want to see my old friend.

Po Pig Po : ”I must came to the gate!! Uhh…. but he always failed to enter the gate of palace. Entire valley there will be and you will sell them all noodles. teacher Oogway will choose now Dragon Warrior.Dragon. And Po always to tried enter the palace Shifu Oogway Shifu Oogway Zheng : ”It’s the wonderful day.” : ”And the competition began!!!” In the other side. the citizens and led peace. who chose will not bring peace to Valley.” : ”Yes I'm glad I saw…. (snake). And the competition will be started. He used everything to could see the competition. Where are you going?” : ”To the palace…. Master Oogway!!” : ”Warning.” : ”Sell noodles?But. how Master Oogway ?” : ”Oh…Yes and I will not live to see. the citizens and led peace honour to extend to you (Tigress).” : ”Thousand tons of fire to see this!!!” : ”You Get and finally tagged Tigress believe me. you citizens did not see anything yet learn tagged (Tigress) facing unarmed swords death felt that our Dragon Warrior you. my friend. Po Shifu : ”No. but also to you. wait me!!! Please.” : ”Po.uhhh !!! What’s!!! Oh…no…” : ”Sorry Po. open the door!!!” : ”Turkish Enter you. I waited for a thousand years for this the greatest day in the history of the Congo Fu Go!!!” Duck Po Duck Po Duck Po : ”Po. what are you doing?” Po Shifu Duck . my father I was thinking….” : ”But. he very wanted to see Audition of Dragon Warrior.(stork).five Angry of preparing Dragon warriors. (Mantis). Po tried to go to Palace. Po didn’t given up to entered in the palace.yes --I was thinking… we can sell beans before they spoil. you forgot cart noodles.” In the palace. (monkey) . . but Po still had in out of gate Palace. Do your students ready?” : ”Yes. do you bring souvenir ?” : ”No. I do not bring souvenir ?” In the other place Master Shifu and Master Oogway were talking about who is the next Dragon warriors.” : ”This is my son I told you that the dream of a reference.

if no surrender.I will give you a message for teachers Shifu.” Zheng : ”Yes.I'm the one who I would be letting down..Po : ”Not wait!!What are you doing? What seems I do? Stopped go to see the Dragon Warrior.” : “No.I was about to refer to Tigress and fell in front of this thing was just a accident!!!” : ”No accident. we prepare for work!!” : ”OK. Who told you.” : ”Me???” : ”You!!” : ”Me!!!” : ”I send you as Dragon Warrior.” : ”What’s???” : ”What’s???Stopped waited . that’s impossible .…Well!!!! Woooow…. but I do not understand I have dreamed a dream finally noodles. are you pointing at me?” : ”I pointed at you.) : ”What is being? Where I am?To indicate why? I wanted to see who is the Dragon Warrior. I love Kungfu : ”Come on my son.” Guard Prison : ”Escape from prison.wowww!!!!(Po flying with his rocket chair.” : ”This is an interesting. Zheng sent message to the prison.” I'm just a messenger Zheng : ”I am just a messenger.” Leader Prison : ”What’s? Double guard .” : ”Master. thousand guard and one prisoner. Duck Po Po Oogway Tigre Oogway Po Oogway Po Oogway Po Shifu Oogway Tigre Shifu Zheng : ”Wait!!!I brought a letter from the teacher Shifu.. Tai Lung could escape from prison. but this is a prisoner Tai Lung. where Tailung was jail. this Panda can not be the solution to our problem. teacher Oogway wait.” In the other place.” : ”Plight of any teacher have deserted. has lied not dream of noodles.Panda morning with solutions .” .impressive is not it? Zheng : ”This is very impressive!!!” Guard Prison : ”One way to enter and one way out. backup safety procedures my prison may not be safe? Questioning the security of prisons? Both certainly Shifu of the question.

. Shaft much unseen. said to be very sharp.Oogway said that I….ha…. back to the Po.” : ”If you were not going to somewhere. small Zareef?” Zheng : ”Well. Ha…. turn . waited for this little Hardwood. but I fittest parents . shield for what to where the teacher. Saif Champions .” : ”Person like me?” : ”Yes. Is planted on the tail.Everyone thought I… Wooow!!!! Hall holy fighters. jar legendary ex Ham ..” Guard Prison : ”None Concerned about completely secure place dear forces you heard? Oogway to finally give Dragon Scroll of a person and you will not be dragon warriors.said to contain the lives of the army of "ecstasy" whole. He very happy and surprised when he came to Hall Holy Fighter. so wounded seen.someone break this . maintained finger Ho Chi!!!” : ”Do you know this?” : ”Developed by the teacher Ho Chi in the third generation .” Zheng : ”No!! I wait in here. Glue…” : ”Are you legendary warrior?”Think so…error…I am not a belligerent dragon and will never be even learn the secret of the Dragon Scroll.” : ”How successful this? Deek peace? Or Trumblin?” : ”Believes that the matter so easily? I recognize the secret of force untold.certainly -.. I thought that damaged.Guard Prison : ”Took me down!!!Witness Tai Long. you see fleshy and this silly Potbelly addition to the complete neglect of personal hygiene.” Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po .” Now.” : ”Sabri running out.Oh…no.Is Terminated vision?” : ”Unfortunately he should come to see you.” : ”Does not stop at this proximity I can smell yourself .. I saw enough will say l Shifu that there is nothing to worry for him.I saw the paintings of this painting just. this is impossible!!! Look for this place.. Yes. “ : ”Hello .” : ”First you have to master the highest level of Kung Fu...” : ”No.!!!!” Zheng : ”What are you doing? Does not make he angry?” Guard Prison : ”And what will you do? Has made him totally immobile. I will tell him this. Po : ”Wait…wait!!! I think there is a small error. And this of course is impossible for a person like you.ha…. I am just….. he become the dragon warriors now.

I'm eager to begin!!!” : ”What’s begin???” Po Shifu Po After that. I promise you that you wish did not do of our Will? : ”Yes. Po started to training kungfu. Tigre.” : ”Wait…wait!!! Now?” : ”Yes. they were very strong.” : ”There is no level of zero.Submit"I hear you very well" Panda . and snake always training Kung fu.” : ”Come on strikes it!!!!” : ”Why you?You do not have anything because I have everything here. agility and they were master of kungfu.” : ”Well. zero. may be (Togo) chose But when you finished.except you. Shifu and Po went to the place where the five warrior.” : ”Oh…no!!!” : ”You know what the hardest part? Door is clean holes. you more photo.” : ”Strike it!!!!” : ”I just ate so I still digestible. But if you insist…” : ”Varioust Five. Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po : ”Let’s to begin. Kung Fu movements therefore may not be would also be good later.” : "Come on Panda us what you can do!!” : ”Will see you? Or to wait even longer to work….” : “Yes. Mantis. I know.” : ”Unless we try not know. Is harassment friends? attending to feel the thunder blow feet crazy Wondering. Po was very surprised look the five warrior. but let's start from zero.now!!! Unless you think that Oogway was wrong and you do not Dragon Warrior : ”I do not know if I can do everything these movements. Come saw no way bear Wright Mantis or method the monkey . O…Mantis you are the same size.Shifu Po Shifu : ”You must know what is happening while Eloy finger. but perhaps we can find something suited to getting more and what is your?I do not know milestone .” : ”Perhaps I could begin this.” : ”This? We use this to train children and keep the door open when it is hot. Stork. speed. monkey.

each one thousand .what was this?” : ”I did not say anything.” : ”I do not understand the thinking of Bam teacher Oogway. how IMO?” Shifu Po Tigre : ”Now there is zero level. During my whole life you dream.” Monkey After that. I mean you do not belong to here in this room.” : ”Yes.. Po could not to sleep.one might think that the teacher Oogway will choose who knows Kung Fu.” : ”Big fun!!!!” : ”I see you found the sacred tree of peaches of divine wisdom.” : ”Is this what?unfortunately I thought it extraordinary tree Lepage. right? Has been a long day and disappointing somewhat. I know . Yes of course!!!” : ”But I admire a large you dramatically in the battle of the river outnumber.” : ”I understand.” : ”Well. Po and five warriors took a rest and sleep in the some house..sorry about this. while walking the earth shakes . but you did not stop….” : ”Listen.” : ”Yes.You .” : ”No. Fingers..” : ”You do not belong to here.This will be easier than I thought. or even finds his feet.You have to go by morning.” : ”Not words….. you're erosion when uncomfortable.or snake. Yes. or at least can fingers touched the feet.” : ”I mean do not belong to the Palace of good. poor will cause the death of is very strong Dragon Warrior fell from the sky ball fire. this is my room. sensitive regions.” : ”I know.So . and if you have any respect for us and what we do.. What a day. Shame on you Alkong Fu.You are right . why not try again stronger? How this? this painful.” : ”Yes true want to sleep I stay awake and you have something important tomorrow.. we must sleep now.. Kung Fu Saab. But. Good night from well seems strange situation mandate tagged (Tigress) did not mean that awakens.” : ”Iam not uncomfortable Why think I'm disturbed?” .” : ”Yes of course this room. You are wonderful last thing I am going to say . Po Stork Po Monkey Po Stork Po Stork Po Tigre Po Tigre Po Oogway Po Oogway Po : ”Hello You awake? Too far…. you do not belong to this place.

Guard Prison : “What happens? Fired…. mostly and five .” : ”What we are doing now any teacher and went Panda. Master!!” Shifu Tigre Shifu Panda Shifu Po : ”Panda!!! Panda..Oogway Po : ”Why are you disturbed?” : ”May I have been on the worst day in the history of the Kung Fu in the history of China..No…. may be surrendered and come back for cooking noodles. wing of there and tell them that the Dragon Warrior real return. (even (Mantis have these things.” : ”Surrender .this is called the present .do not remember it --not really .. But. who will be the Dragon Warrior?” : ”What we can do is continue training with the passage of time will show combatant real dragon. Archer fired…..!!! Zheng : ”Please. full how Hula Teacher Shifu of Dragon Warrior? I do not like the five I do not have talons. What are you doing here?” : ”Hello .!!!” Zheng : ”Tai Lung free!!! I must be careful Shifu.the gift.Yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery.” .!!!!” In the morning.” Oogway In the prison of Tai Lung. no wings not venom. There is a saying . We must see them idea that they. Master Shifu called the Po and five warriors to training Kungfu. wake up !!!Has surrendered. Teng…teng…teng…!!! Five warriors : ”Good Morning. in the history of bad. you worried by what was often and what will. but today is a gift . we have suspended assisted.. Thank you .fired!!!!” Zheng : ”We dead very dead!!!!” Guard Prison : ”Not yet!!!” Zheng : ”Can not escape now?” Guard Prison : ”Yes….fired….. No surrender…Noodle not Noodle. don’t kill me…. Ha…ha….” Tai Lung : ”I am delighted that the Shifu e-mail.. I think they started Sasson.” Guard Prison : ”You will not go any place. guard of prison tried to catch him again. Good Morning Master!!!I thought that little mastication.” : ”Has been suspended?” : ”Suspended?Not yes. My God when preparing the third. Fired!!!!” Zheng : ”Let me go !!! That’s he come here to!!” Guard Prison : ”He will not depart from it. but Po was gone from his room.never --.Auwwww…. he tried to escape from prison and he could escape and running away from prison.

fur fat --. the true warrior will not surrendered.” : ”Yes….” : ”I have been with you any leniency Panda .” : ”No…. Ooo…No… Auwww…!!! : ”Whether intelligent will climb grades.. Who am I to judge the combatant based on size? Look at me.” : ”Under all this . but not longer your opponent will be the next Anna.” : ”Do not worry Master.” : ”Yes..” : ”Perhaps you should take a look at this again. the only trophy we collect here joints are bloody and broken bones. here. but do not surrender .” : ”I was going to say fur course.. : ”This wonderful to restore it.” : ”But.Shifu : ”I thought that you can dismiss the entire during one night require years to develop this flexibility years and the longest battle for application toss this.” : ”Trust me.” : ”But. but makes no easy to find a clique. I thought you said you're ready.” : ”Will not surrender is not it?” : ”Will depend on collision.” : ”According to legend there was a time where he was a teacher Shifu smiles. he will do.” : ”I know it seems harsh .” Po Shifu Tigre Po Tigre Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Tigre Stork Snake Monkey Po Stork Po Stork Snake Po Stork Snake Stork Po Snake . Auwww….” : ”Well.” : ”Well…I know that the teacher Shifu tries to inspire.!!!” : ”Sorry. excellent!!!” : ”Let’s get started!!!” : ”Are you ready?” : ”Ooo. I was born to ready. take power and use that against him until fall or surrender true warrior.” : ”I thought you said that it makes us feel Improves. but I did not know that well I said to be trying to get rid of me. but it was not always so. to start!!!” : ”Progress order to win you have to find weak point your opponent and make them suffer. this was before.

Shifu Oogway Shifu Oogway Shifu Oogway Shifu Oogway Shifu Oogway Shifu Oogway : ”Master….” : ”Panda??? Master that Banda was not Dragon Warrior was not supposed to be here was a accident.had a bad news!!!” : ”Shifu…. excellent I could benefit from good news now.. I know I said this before. And now has the opportunity to correct things trains combatants for the real dragon and has been suspended with you Panda large fleshy deal with the matter Packet. Shifu and finally believed in him. Shifu met with Master Oogway. but Oogway. Kabineh while the boy showed skill in the Kung Fu.” : ”Not supposed to be talking about him.” : ”There are not accident.” : ”There are not a accident.” : ”He was not just pupils Shifu and a small Jeddah. The pupils. from the first perfected thousand of the skill Kung Fu and then turned to evil and went to prison.” : ”If it will remain here should know.” Shifu : ”Internal peace…Internal peace. I can not Set bud when it is off to Shizam and I can not aimed Set EXAMINED before that time comes.” : ”Yes.” : ”They???” : ”Yes. no news good and bad news..Master!!! I…I….Master….” : ” I know about Tai Lung. the overwhelming opinion in his heart and rejection. Ended up!!!!” Monkey: ”Wait!!!! Zanby has finally addressed the League and perhaps his heart stopped. Tai Lung have wreaked havoc valley angry tried to forcibly take Scroll and Shifu was forced to destroy what created.” : ”My oldfriend panda will not achieve their own destiny and you do not if they did not abandon its control.” Master Shifu was very surprise and scare because Tai Lung could escape from the prison and he would stole the Scroll Dragon. Oh.Monkey: ”Before what?” Tigre Po Tigre Po Tigre : ”Before Tai Lung…. twice. told him that the ability of great not only never Tai Lung.” .. but how can? Shifu loved Tai Lung also did not like one of the pre -or timely. whoever does this sound of silent!!!! Oh…Zhang. Tai Lung escaped from prison that way.” : ”Teacher seeing you were correct. And then. Home internal peace. He wanted to Dragon Scroll.That’s just a news.” : ”Three times…. to see this tree Shifu.” : ”This is bad news if that were not believed Dragon Warrior can stop it.

” : ”Good…. What…What…Master.” : ”This is really good. but you riding Balakechbc" really? How I came out of there alive? did not say this actually . I can control the time the fall fruit. Nothing teacher Shifu.” : ”But.I will to try. promise you will to believed.. in fact.” : ”I will….ha…. there are things we can control. I thought it a good.” : ”But. you can’t to left me. Promise me.” : ”Ears? I Worked with you .” Monkey Po Snake Monkey Tigre Po Monkey Po Stork Po . I need your help…. This is not illusion.. Master.ha….” : ”You must try soup Abe secret is.Shifu Oogway Shifu Oogway Shifu Oogway Shifu Oogway Shifu Oogway Shifu Po : ”But..But. but I thought in my head if he could read my thoughts of what was said hope that you love.Why?” : ”Ha…. Shifu…” : ”. peaches can’t be defeated Tai Lung!!!” : ”Possibly can if you are prepared to guide and development and the faith.Shifu. knows the secret component.” : ”I think that my body does not know I Dragon Warrior after would need more than this to juice and the universe. Shifu. you get Lepage peaches.” : ”You cook a good reality was wishing that my mouth more mandate Tigres must try this.” : ”No.” : ”You must believe….” : ”Dragon Warrior said to be able to live full month on nothing but a small paper and energy the universe. And I can control.. how?? How??? Master.” : ”Why talk about? This is wonderful. Master!!!” : ”Yes.perhaps the time has come must continue journey without me.” : ”This is good. where farm seed.” : ”Master…Master…!!! : ”Might be more panda bears scaring "" in the region". what this commotion is issued? laughed? I have not heard of before I work hard maybe one day your ears would authorize. you just need to believe.” : ”You will not become a combatant Dragon unless lost 500 thousand kilometers and cleaned teeth. but do whatever those of cottonseed to become the largest tree Lepage might want Apple or orange.

not our ability to defeat Tai Lung . Master….Waaaa…..” : ”Watch me!!! Come on. What do you think I do? Master Shifu!!!!” : ”You believe that this funny Tai Lung escaped from prison and you are adopting children.” : ”But.” : ”Why.” : ”You are not my teachers and I'm not Dragon Warrior. then. I stayed because every time I offered folds on the head or I said that I was hurt bad smell.” : ”Yes. but now I ask you to trust teachers as teachers Oogway. I also.You will greatest milestone Kung Fu in the whole of China.” : ”No.I don’t know…” : ”This is what I thought…” : ”This is what she trains for it. but not therefore more than ever in my life because I am what I am stayed because I thought .” : ”Tigres!!!” Shifu Po Shifu Po Tigre Snake .” : ”Panda?” : ”Yes. where he went?” : ”Waaaa….” : ”What’s” : “He is coming to Dragon Scroll and you can’t only stop. If they can be anyone can change that makes me what I am.” : ”Yes. how to defeat Tai Lung I can not precede the drawer.” : ”You can defeated him because you are dragon warrior.” : ”You do not believe this not believe this never from the first moment they arrived here I tried to get rid of me. but the ability.” : ”Oogway can not. please let us stop Tai Lung to this path.” : ”And I say that you do not have sense of Humor. but you stayed.waaaa!!!!” : ”You can not leave true warrior does not surrender. not anymore…Our only hope is the Dragon Warrior.?Are you serious? Master Oogway can stopping done this before already again. did not surrender?You know I try to get rid of you. Panda!!!” : ”Teacher.Monkey Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Tigre Shifu Tigre Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po : ”That’s Shifu!!!” : ”Of course Shifu. Tai Lung in the way now even if it takes a hundred years getting to here how this will transform you to Dragon Warrior? How? How?How?” : ”I do not know…. I can change you!!! May turn to Dragon Warrior and I will do.” : ”Come on..

” : ”No I need to explain I thought you the monkey he is in store for his cookies in the top shelf.” : ”There are not accident. I'm disgusting.” : ”No…. I mean how arrived there?” : ”I do not know. this?. but perhaps this Zanby I can not be coached and trained five.” : ”What’s!!!” : ”I’m coming with you. This is a accident.” : ”Wonderful because I am hungry. Do you want learn Kung Fu ?” : ”Yes…” : ”And I am your Master!!!” : ”OK…Well…” : ”Don’t cry.” : ”OK…Well.Tigre Snake Tigre Snake Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po : ”Do not try to stop me!!!” : ”We do not try to stop you.” : ”well..” : ”Do not tell to the monkey…” : ”Look at you!!!” : ”I know. I see now that the road to enter you.. Let’s to begin!!!” Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu . where Kung Fu.” : ”Holy. I did not know I was brought sweets..” : ”But. you at a height of 10 feet on the ground and I fully Revoke. while practicing erosion.” : ”No. but you can not tell me that at least Where are we going? I have come to me here for the bathroom?” : ”Panda you do not wash the body in the holy lake of tears. Come with me. This is…..” : ”While focusing on the Congo Fu while focusing you bad.” : ”I know you're trying to be vague and nature Kong Feuilles. Tigress.No….” : ”What’s!!! I eat while I would be uncomfortable. Lake…” : ”This is revealed here Oogway puzzle harmony and focus born here.

” Monkey Snake Tigre : ”We were still in this helped : ”Monkey!!! Jump!!!” : ”Mantis!!! Now!!!” Tai Lung : ”Shifu coached you well. we were not equals to attack the nerves.” : ”Tai Lung? Stronger…is very fast!!!” : ”Sorry . I heard how fell from the sky ball fire that combatants I do not like anything world saw.” Monkey : ”Po…?” Tai Lung : ”If this name…Po…Finally.” : ”I may succeed slightly…I'm afraid…” . but he did not know everything…” Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Monkey Tigre Shifu Po : ”You have done well.” : ”Hero is the real sign of humility.” : ”I’m done well? I have been a wonderful. the deduction worth fighting the battle will be legendary.Master.” : ”Five warriors has died No. Why did he do? To return and scares here in our hearts..” : ”I has vowed to train and has trained you can eat.” The Five warriors fight with Tai Lung Tai Lung : ”Where is Dragon Warrior?” Tigre : ”How do you know that you do not consider it?” Tai Lung : ”You think I am foolish I know that you are not fighting the dragon not one of you.Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po : ”From you after you Panda. but will not succeed. yes you are wonderful.” : ”He could have been killers. I said you can eat.” : ”So? Not booby. But.” : ”Can I?” : ”Are you ?” : ”I’m not hungry…. Panda. not walked for ten miles. Po…” : ”I thought that we can stop him. Enjoy it. they breathed asleep? Not open their eyes. you can eat.” : ”He’s become stronger.

it’s blank!!!” : ”No.Uhhh…Thank you!!!” : ”Maybe you just analysed.” : ”Well here is the…. Po.” : ”No…we must evacuated valley must protect villagers from the Tai Lung.. I'm not allowed to consider it!!! Empty!!! I do not understand….” : ”Of deceptive?” : ”But.I don’t understand. Could I do that my heart.” : ”Focused…focused…focused. I'm only one…” : ”But. What happens when read?” : ”No one knows.” : ”Well…OK …Oogway is turtle was crazy in the end. faced matter. who will stop Tai Lung?” : ”He would destroy everything and every one.” . has chosen passerby of course. sees light at the depth of the cave hair is around you and movement.” : ”Ohhh…Yes…Yes…” : ”Read it and achieved or your sorrow read it and became The Dragon Warrior.” : ”No.Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Tigre Stork Shifu : ”You can defeat him.” : ”Impossible reopened….” : ”Actually you think I'm ready…” : ”You’r ready .” : ”Waited . Panda!!!” : ”Are you kidding? They can not defeated him.” : ”Ohhh…Come on.” : ”Could I broke through the walls.it empty!!!” : ”What’s???” : ”Yes. Oogway was the wisest of us all.. but legend says he will be able to hear butterfly flap. you have something that not owned by one another. I'm not Dragon Warrior. Po…” : ”This is grabbed the Dragon Scroll it for you.” : ”Ohh…really? Hmaraa…” : ”Yes. They are five warriors.

honestly?” : ”Sometimes I can not believe I am your son.. We must in the following must face it future of noodles pieces with vegetables... We makers Noodle place in the veins. well as I was thinking maybe this time will have a kitchen that can stand it.” : ”What’s???” : ”I could delay sufficient so that everyone escapes.” : ”Snake. I'm sorry that things did not succeed it was estimated to be…Po Lance anything else still awaiting determination does not. Do you like that?.” : ”Po. adds a special sauce or something like that?” : ”Yes….. he will kill you!!!” : ”This is time I had finally paid eighth mistakes. Come .” : ”Waited…Waited…So this is only normal Noodle Soup. and stork from here. Friday Villagers southerners. I think it is time to tell you something he should tell the a long time ago.” : ”It's good to come back.” : ”But. you have a favorite new pupil. Master. Well… component of the secret ballot Soup. you Mantis northerners.” : ”We must be knocked out safely.” : ”I do not know my father.” : ”There is a secret. in order to create something distinctive believes that it must be distinguished.” : ”Hello.” : ”Hello.” : ”Let’s go.Where is Po? Is abated?” .” Po Duck Po Duck Po Duck Po Duck Po Tai Lung : ”I has promised to go home.Tigre Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Tigre Monkey Tigre Po Duck Po Duck : ”What about you.” : ”What’s. Dad. Master?” : ”I will kill Tai Lung with my hand. Component is the secret is nothing!!!!” : ”What’s!!!” : ”Heard me nothing!!! There is a secret. Shifu...” Tai Lung : ”Yes. Listen to me all of youis time to supplement trip without me I'm proud of that I tagged your master.” : ”Dear Little Come to find as.” Shifu : ”This is no longer your house and I am not prepared teacher.. Po.Po . quality of your return my son..unnecessary.

you Panda What do you much? Sitting on?” Po : ”I does not spur.” Tai Lung : ”You can not be defeated me…You . come and take. I Dragon Warrior. Never…Never…!!!” : ”Hei…you shouted ..” Tai Lung : ”You?Is? This Panda. Oh. I knew I Dragon Warrior.Yes…force Scroll dragon is mine……Hahhhh…Nothing!!!!” Po : ”I did not quite understand it also the first time.Shifu : ”This battle between me and you. You wants.. I want to The Scroll Dragon Shifu : ”What’s!!!” Tai Lung : ”Where is it?” Shifu Po : ”Dragon Warrior taking Scroll other Party of China now. you will not see Scroll Tai Lung.” Tai Lung : ”What’s!!!” Po : ”There is a secret that you're only. I always you know. What did I do something contrary? What did I do? Nothing!!!” Shifu : ”I was not destined to be a combatant you Dragon.” Shifu : ”I prefer to die!!” Tai Lung : ”Tell me ……for as long as you are proud of your Shifu : ”From the first moment I was proud of your and was proud that you. I loved it very much to see what you turn him. deceive you?” Tai Lung : ”Shifu did not teach you this…” .” Tai Lung : ”Finally… this Scroll is mine…. but when he Oogway.Scroll give him power strength……Finally….... Panda big chaff famous..” Tai Lung : ”It is now!! Give me Scroll.” Po : ”I am not a large fleshy Panda. I I'm sorry. Just…Panda large fleshy…..” Tai Lung : ”So things will? thus must be . Now I will use this.” Tai Lung : ”What’s!!! Maintained Ho Chi!!!” Po : ”You know this. Stop it!Do not…Don’t…. I has Rot in jail for 20 years due to weak obey the teacher is not vulnerable. This is not my mistake Tai Lung : ”I not their fault? Of letting down?Who of taught me that even with super breakup? Who of deprivation of fateful?” Shifu : ”I was never resolutions. what I do for you I…..” Tai Lung : ”I do not want an apology.

everybody could live with happiness FOREVER The End . Look it this !” : ”In this Warrior Kung Fu is a great beloved my son.Po Duck Po : ”No.Thank .Master…Shifu…Are you okay?” : ”Po? You are alive or we both Dead.” : ”Thank’s.” : ”Really?As was the case Oogway. if we must stop talking…” : ”If you can…. Master!!!” Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu Po Shifu : ”Master? Master Shifu…. You has brought peace to the Valley and I Thank…. Dad. Hi.” : ”Will I get something to eat?” : ”Yes….” : ”I’m not die idiot…O… Dragon Warrior.” : ”Not Master completed…We have defeated Tai Lung. Po…Thank…” : ”No. guys!” Five Warriors : ”Hai. I discovered myself.” Finally. I did not complete my duffer. teachers do not.” : ”Finally.I simply live with peace. not been Shifu Please. You combatant dragon.

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