ZEBRA’s Direct Sensing Tools can help you get a clear picture of where the contaminants are, in real time while you’re on the project site. Providing this information on a real time basis allows our clients to make informed decisions as to where additional information is needed. The following illustration shows how the clarity of the image increases as the project progresses. On the first day our client directed Zebra’s Direct Sensing Field Team to log three locations to a depth of 40’.The data translated to a rough image showing the presence of contaminants concentrated in one area. Based on the graphic visualization created at the end of the 1st day with the data from all three logging locations, the consultant was able to plan the next day’s work. The data from the additional eight locations logged on the second day significantly improved the image. Each subsequent day, the ZEBRA DS Field Team logged additional locations, generating more data, thereby improving the resolution of the image. On the seventh day, with data from a total of 34 locations, the visualization clearly depicted two distinct areas where contaminants were concentrated. By being able to review the data real time as it was being collected, and reviewing the visualizations summarizing the day’s work, our client was able to select precise logging locations that filled data gaps and produced a high resolution image showing where the contaminants are located. This type of information is a valuable tool for designing a remediation program.

ZEBRA Has The Tools.

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