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Nutt on Turnpike Debt

Nutt on Turnpike Debt

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Published by: PAindy on Aug 29, 2012
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Aug. 29, 2012 Mr. Roger E.

Nutt Chief Executive Officer Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission PO Box 67676 Harrisburg, PA 17106 Dear Mr. Nutt: Earlier this week, Mr. Paul Nussbaum, a reporter with the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote an interesting article on the billions of dollars of debt held by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. As State Auditor General Jack Wagner put it, the Turnpike Commission is “drowning in debt” and faces potential default on its financial obligations. It was astounding to learn that your commission’s solution was to continue to borrow money, raise tolls every year and replace human toll collectors. And while much of the blame is being placed on Act 44 of 2007, aggressive borrowing seems to have exasperated the situation. $7 billion dollars in debt and no long term solutions in sight? That is more than twice the amount of debt that allegedly faced Pennsylvania just a couple of years ago and prompted our Governor to drastically cut funding for education and safety net programs. As he put it, Pennsylvania must live within its means. Because of this lack of leadership, inability to manage funds and failure as a fiscal watch dog for the Turnpike Commission, I ask for your immediate resignation. Further, I ask for the resignation of your Chief Operating Officer Craig Shuey. Under your leadership, and with the assistance of your COO, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is destined to become the biggest boondoggle in the history of our state. Sincerely,

Peter J. Daley II State Representative 49th Legislative District

PJD:eahb Cc: The Honorable Tom Corbett, Governor The Honorable Jim Cawley, Lieutenant Governor The Pennsylvania House of Representatives Mr. Craig R Shuey, Chief Operating Officer, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Mr. Barry J. Schoch, Secretary of Transportation Mr. William K. Lieberman, Chairman, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Mr. A. Michael Pratt, Vice Chairman, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Mr. J. William Lincoln, Secretary/Treasurer, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Mr. Pasquale T. Deon, Sr., Commissioner, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

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