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Missionary Servants (MS) Family of Missionary Servants (FMS) Missionary Servants Family (MSF)

Missionary Servants is an association of Catholics who seek to be Missionary Servants of God's Love, most especially of his love for the poor. MS MS arose from, and finds its roots most especially in, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. MS has been particarly inspired and influenced by the Missionaries of Charity, the Servants of the Word, Couples For Christ, Gawad Kalinga and the New Friars Movement. There are various forms of membership in MS. At the heart of the MS is the Society of Missionary Servants. This is a community open to single men, seminarians, lay brothers, deacons and priests which aims to eventually become recognised by the Church as a Society of Apostolic Life. MSC missionary Servant Companions is a second expression of membership of MS. MSA Missionary Servant Associates is a third expression also related is the Friends of the MS. MS submits Monthly teachings written by, or approved by, the International Servant/Coordinator/President/Steward/Moderator/ of the The third expression of membership lies At the heart of MS (?) SMS - Society of Missionary Servants