Itinerary Making

Planning the guest’s Itinerary  “Itinerary – it is the schedule of activities of a guest. .    is normally a prepaid arrangement it is the tour guide who is the link between the paying guest and the tour operator it is an important responsibility for tour guides to be able to review the itinerary prior to the day of the tour”. 2000). included in the tour package designed by the tour operator. (Claravall.

Review of the itinerary includes        Type of tour Knowledge of the destination Inclusions of the tour package Reservation/reconfirmation of flights Philippine nightlife Selling other destinations Other concerns .

Itinerary making/planning requires the following knowledge & skills:      Phonetic alphabet International and local geography (location and its significance) Military time versus the local time Important codes (airline. city. airport and currency) Reading the airline timetable .

etc). ovn. sea.    Special requirements of the guests Basic reservation system Important abbreviations ( pax. Suppliers included in the itinerary such as:       Hotel for accommodation Restaurant for food Transportation (air. land. rail) Tours Entertainment Others .

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