Memory is only a bit a man can keep in the whole of his life time. My mind is my only sanctuary. Don't forbid me the chance to augment it only to give me a lecture of what you call the freaking hypocrisy. It's the only anchor that holds me to my sanity. No matter; memory is just a fragile little puff ball; readily to disperse into thin air. What is the real essence of remembrance when it only takes a soul capable of keeping? Maybe togetherness doesn't really exist. That's a real life tragedy. It's not worth the while. I divulge I am subjected to madness. And madness is in itself, an art. It's the only transcendence of man. But despite of man's overweening passion for eccentricity, idiosyncrasy is always menaced into stupidity. Maybe idiocy is just that popular. You'll say a piece of your mind and others will declare you a hypocrite. They didn't even know your reasons. What are they, mind readers? Aren't they the hypocrites themselves? They just projected the idea. The word simply fits them. Sure thing, I myself is really a hypocrite sometimes. I admit it; for it holds my own splendor into a brace that sustains my mechanism. My prejudices and opinions sweeten bigotry to its brim. That's why I keep it all to myself rather to strike my fatal blow if not being asked to. Since long ago that I've been already damned. But it is only in damnation that I know I am able to rejuvenate myself. You hate me? Then hate me for all I care. You'll be damned! For hating me, in the first place, is a damnable one. A happy ending petrified as Alice traverse in a wonderland that only she can avail for herself. I'm bad. I'm mean. I'm a total conceited chaos felonious prick. I may seem not a human to you. Yet still, I'm a part of humanity. Better accept it. Foul of my existence? Cheer up! Maybe, we really don't exist. Nah-ah!! The thought just keep rambling inside my head; sickeningly profitable. Know why? Maybe idiocy is really that revolutionary. A cursed grace vested upon me. A cold soul? Probably. But beneath that sheath is a heart that bleeds.

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