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PS ICT Priority Themes Outlined in the PS ICT Strategy to provide direction

Members of PS ICT Board Each champion a particular Priority Theme Seminar

PS ICT Action Plan Outputs briefings deliver plan from help action

Strategic Projects Board Reviews need for investment in concepts

Concept Dev Group Agrees scope for Seminars based on Priority Themes



Concept Papers

Stimulates discussion to help deliver selected PSICT Projects

Written outputs from Seminars through policies or standards

Outline of project to help deliver outputs from seminars


Customer Services Group Work with CD Group to help develop Challenge Briefs

Service Commissioners Draft Challenge on how ICT could improve their service

PS ICT Strategy Outlines high level architecture to deliver Strategy

Challenge Briefs

Criteria for designers develop prototypes to

what should their

Customer Insight Customer Portraits to help designers understand need

Service Data Data on the Service the prototypes being designed for

Architecture Requirements to ensure prototypes can work internally

Concept Dev Group Package up requirements & data to draft Challenge Briefs


Concept Dev Group Organises Prototyping Days

Designers & Developers Help design prototypes based on Challenge Brief

Support Prizes provided by Sponsors to the winning prototypes

Prototypes Outputs produced from the Prototyping Days reviewed based on Challenge Brief criteria

Venue Nominated Partners agrees to host prototyping day

Mapping Targeting audiences to invite to Prototyping Days

Sponsors Organisations providing prizes to support the Prototyping Days

Prototyping Days Events inviting designers, commissioners & users to develop prototypes