abate abhorrent atone abdicate atrophy aberrant abeyance abject abjure abscission

to decrease; reduce inspiring disgust to make amends to give up a position, right, or power ill tempered deviating from what is normal temporary suppression or suspension miserable; pitiful to reject; abandon formally the act of cutting; the natural separation of a leaf or other part of a plant

abscond abstemious abstinence abysmal accretion accrue adamant adjunct admonish adulterate aesthetic affected affinity aggrandize

to depart secretly moderate in appetite the giving up of certain pleasures very bad growth in size or increase in amount to accumulate; grow by additions uncompromising; unyielding something added, attached, or joined to caution or reprimand to corrupt or make impure relating to beauty or the arts pretentious; phony fondness; liking; similarity to make larger or greater

aggregate alacrity alchemy

amounting to a whole; total cheerful willingness; eagerness; speed medieval chemical philosophy based on changing metal into gold; a seemingly magical power or process of transmutation

allay alleviate alloy allure amalgamate ambiguous ambivalence ambrosia ameliorate amenable amenity amulet anachronism analgesic analogous anarchy anodyne anomalous antecedent

to lessen; ease; soothe to relieve; improve partially a combination; a mixture of two or more metals the power to entice by charm to combine into a unified whole unclear or doubtful in meaning the state of having conflicting emotional attitudes something delicious; the food of the gods to improve agreeable; cooperative; suited something that increases comfort ornament worn as a charm against evil spirits something out of the proper time medication that reduces or eliminates pain comparable absence of government; state of disorder something that calms or soothes pain irregular; deviating from the norm something that comes before

antediluvian antipathy apathy apex apogee

prehistoric dislike; hostility indifference the highest point the point in an orbit most distant from the body being orbited; the highest point

apothegm appease appellation apposite apprise approbation appropriate apropos arabesque

a terse, witty saying to calm, pacify, placate name strikingly appropriate and relevant to inform praise, approval to take possession of for one's own use; confiscate relevant ornate design featuring intertwined curves; a ballet position in which one leg is extended in back while the other supports the weight of the body

archeology ardor arduous argot arrest artifact artless

the study of material evidence of past human life great emotion or passion extremely difficult; laborious a specialized vocabulary used by a group to stop; to seize item made by human craft guileless; natural

ascetic asperity aspersion assiduous assuage astringent asylum atavism

one who practices self-denial severity; harshness; irritability slander; false rumor diligent; hard-working to make less severe harsh; severe place of refuge or shelter in biology, the reappearance of a characteristic in an organism after several generations of absence; individual or a part that exhibits atavism; return of a trait after a period of absence

attenuate audacious austere autonomous avarice aver avocation avuncular axiomatic bacchanalian banal banter bard bawdy

to weaken bold; daring stern; unadorned; simple self-governing; independent greed to affirm; declare to be true secondary occupation like an uncle, benevolent and tolerant taken for granted; self-evident truth pertaining to riotous or drunken festivity; pertaining to revelry commonplace; trite playful conversation poet obscene

beatify bedizen behemoth belie beneficent bifurcate blandishment blase bolster bombastic boorish bovine brazen broach Terms bucolic burgeon burnish buttress cacaphonous cadge callous calumny

to sanctify; to bless; to ascribe a virtue to to dress in a vulgar, showy manner huge creature; anything very large and powerful to contradict; misrepresent; give a false impression kindly; doing good to divide into two parts flattery bored because of frequent indulgence; unconcerned to give a boost to; prop up; support pompous; using inflated language rude; insensitive cowlike bold; shameless to mention for the first time Definitions characteristic of the countryside; rustic; pastoral to grow and flourish to polish to reinforce; support unpleasant or harsh-sounding to beg; sponge thick-skinned; insensitive false and malicious accusation; slander

canard canon

false; deliberately misleading story an established set of principles; a basis or standard for judgment; a group of literary works

cant cantankerous capricous

insincere talk; language of a particular group irritable; ill-humored fickle,

Given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior.
captious cardinal carnal carping cartography caste faultfinding; intended to entrap, as in an argument of foremost importance of the flesh or body; related to physical appetities to find fault; complain science of making maps any of the hereditary social classes in Hindu society; social stratification castigation cataclysm catalyst categorical caucus causal caustic celestial centrifugal punishment; chastisement; criticism a violent upheaval that causes great destruction and change something that causes change absolute; without exception smaller group within an organization involving a cause burning; stinging; causing corrosion concerned with sky or heavens; sublime moving away from a center

centripetal champion chasten

moving or directed toward a center to defend or support to correct by punishment or reproof; to restrain or subdue,castigation

chicanery chivalry

trickery; fraud the qualities idealized by knighthood such as bravery and gallantry toward women

churlish circuitous clamor clique cloister coagulate coalesce coda

rude; boorish roundabout noisy outcry a small, exclusive group to confine; seclude thicken; congeal to cause to become one concluding part of a literary or musical composition; something that summarizes or concludes

codify cognizant collage

to systematize informed; conscious; aware artistic composition of materials pasted over a surface; an assemblage of diverse elements

commensurate compendium complacent complaisant complement

proportional brief, comprehensive summary self-satisfied overly polite; willingness to comply with the wishes of others something that completes or makes up a whole

compliant compunction concave conciliatory concoct concomitant condone confound congenial conjugal connoisseur conscript consecrate contend contentious contiguous continence contrite contumacious conundrum convention

yielding uneasiness caused by guilt curving inward placate to invent existing concurrently to overlook voluntarily; forgive to baffle; perplex; mix up similar in tastes and habits; friendly; suited to pertaining to marriage agreement expert in matters of taste; expert knowledge or training a person compulsorily enrolled for military service to declare sacred to assert quarrelsome; causing quarrels touching; neighboring; connecting without a break self-control; abstention from sexual activity very sorrowful for a wrong; seeking forgiveness disobedient; rebellious riddle; puzzle with no solution practice widely observed in a group; custom; accepted technique or device


to approach; come together; tend to meet

convex convivial convoluted copious coquette cornucopia cosmology

curved outward sociable twisted; complicated abundant; plentiful woman who flirts horn overflowing with fruit and grain; state of abundance study of the universe as a totality; theory of the origin and structure of the universe

covert covetous cozen craven credence credo daunt dearth debauchery decorum defame default deference defunct delineate

hidden; secret desiring something owned by another to mislead by trick or fraud; decieve cowardly acceptance of something as true statement of belief or principle; creed to discourage; intimidate; dishearten scarcity corruption proper behavior to malign; harm someone's reputation to fail to act respect; regard for another's wish no longer existing to represent or depict

demographic demotic demur denigrate denizen denouement didactic clairvoyant concierge Terms deride droll derivative desiccate desuetude desultory deterrent detraction diaphanous diatribe dichotomy diffidence diffuse digression

related to population balance pertaining to people to express doubt; question or oppose to slur someone's reputation an inhabitant; a regular visitor outcome; unraveling of the plot of a play or work of literature Intended to teach one who can predict the future; psychic curator Definitions to mock amusing in a strange way something derived; unoriginal to dry completely state of disuse lacking enthu something that discourages or hinders the act of taking away transparent; vague; insubstancial bitter verbal attack division into two usually contradictory parts shyness; lack of confidence to spread out act of straying from the main point

dirge disabuse discerning discomfit discordant discredit discrepancy discrete discretion disingenuous disinterested disjointed dismiss disparage disparate dissemble disseminate dissolution dissonance distend distill distrait diverge

funeral hymn free from a misconception perceptive; exhibiting keen insight and good judgement to make uneasy; disconcert not in tune to dishonor; disgrace difference between constituing a separate thing; distinct being dicreet, freedom to decide what to do in a situation not candid, crafty unpredujiced; objective lacking order or coherence; dislocated put away from consideration; reject to belittle dissimilar to pretend; disguise one's motives to spread; scatter; disperse disintegration;debauchery discord; lack of harmony to expand; swell out extract the essential elements inattentive; preoccupied to vary; go in different directions from the same point

divest divulge document doggerel dogmatic dormant dross dupe ebullient eclectic effervescence

to strip; deprive; rid to make known something that is secret to provide with written evidence to support poor verse stating opinions without proof inactive waste; worthless matter to deceive; trick exhilarated; overly enthusiastic selecting from various sources state of high spirits or liveliness; process of bubling as gas escapes effete effusive depleted of vitality; overrefined; decadent expressing gratitude person who disagrees about beliefs dogmatic; unyielding effectiveness; efficiency shameless boldness; presumptuousness the tendency to see things in relation to oneself; selfcenteredness

dissident doctrinaire efficacy effrontery egoism

egotistical elegy elicit elixir

excessively self-centered; conceited poem or song expressing lamentation to provoke; draw out a sustance believed to have the power to cure ills

Elysian emaciated embellish emollient empirical emulate encomium endemic enervate engender enhance entomology enunciate ephemeral epistemology equable equanimity equivocate errant erudite esoteric essay estimable

delightful; blissful thin and wasted to adorn; enhance soothing; mollifying derived from observation or experiment to imitate; copy a formal expression of praise inherent; belonging to an area to weaken to cause; produce to increase; improve the scientific study of insects to pronounce clearly short-lived; fleeting branch of philosophy tha texamines the nature of knowledge steady; unvarying; serene composure; calmness intentionally use vague language mistaken; straying from the proper course learned; scholarly hard to understand; known only to a few to make an attempt; subject to a test admirable; possible to estimate

ethnocentric etiology etymology eugenics

based on the attitude tha one's group is superior causes or origins origin an history of a word study of factors that influence the hereditary qualities of the human race and ways to improve those qualities

eulogy euphemism

high praise to a death person use of agreeable or inoffensive language in place of offensive language

euphoria euthanasia evince evocative exacerbate exact exculpate execrable exhort exigency existential exorcise expatiate expatriate Terms expiate

feeling of extreme happiness mercy killing to show plainly; be an indication of tending to call to mind or produce a reaction to aggravate; make worse to force the payment of; demand and obtain by authority to clear of blame; vindicate detertable; abhorrent to urge by strong appeals crisis; urgent requirements having to do with existence to expel evil spirits; free from bad influences to speak or write at length one who lives outside his country Definitions to atone for

explicate expository extant extemporaneous extirpate extraneous extrapolation extrinsic facetious facilitate factotum fallacious fallow fatuous fauna fawning felicitous feral fervor fetid fetter fiat fidelity

to explain;interpret;clarify explanatory in existence; not lost unrehearsed to root up; to destroy not essential the act of estimation by projecting known information not inherent of essential Trying but failing to be amusing to make less difficult a person who does all sorts of work; a handyman based on a false idea or fact; misleading plowed but not sowed; uncultivated foolishly self-satisfied animals of a period o region seeking flavor by flattering suitable expressed; wee-chose; appropiate existing in a wild or untamed state warmth and intensity of emotion having a bad smell to bind; confine arbitray order; authorization loyalty; exact correspondence


use of obstructive tactics in a legislature to block passage of a law


to handle with a deceptive or evasive strategy; refined in performance

fissure flag fledging flora flourish flout flux foment forbearance forestall formidable forswear founder fracas fractious fresco frieze froward frugality fulminate

crevice to droop; grow weak beginner; novice plants of a region or era en embellishment or ornamentation to treat scornfully flowing; a continuous moving to incite; arouse patience to prevent; delay menacing; threatening renounce; repudiate to sink; fail; colapse a loud quarrel; brawl quarrelsome; unruly; rebellious a painting done on plaster ornamental band on a wall stubbornly contrary; obstinately disobedient thrift to attack loudly; denounce

fulsome fusion futile florid gainsay gambol

flattering to an excessive degree union; synthesis ineffective; useless; fruitless ruddy; reddish; flowery to deny; dispute; oppose to frolic; leap playfully

garrulous gauche geniality gerrymander

very talkative; wordy coarse and uncouth; clumsy cheerfulness; kindliness; sociability to divide an area into voting districts in a way that favors a political party

glib goad gossamer gouge grandiloquent gregarious grouse guileless guise gullible gustatory halcyon

fluent in an insincere way; offhand to prod; urge on sheer; light and delicate; like cobwebs to tear out; scoop out; overcharge pompous; bombastic outgoing; sociable to complain free of cunning or deceit; artless outward appearance; false appearance easily deceived affecting the sense of taste calm and peaceful; happy; golden; prosperous

hallowed harangue harrowing herbivorous hermetic heterodox hieroglyphics

holy; sacred long, pompous speech; tirade extremely distressing; terrifying an animal that feeds mainly on plants tighly sealed; magical not widely accepted a system of writing in which pictorial symbols represent meanings or sounds; wirting or symbols that are difficult to decipher

hirsute histrionic

covered with hair relating to exaggerated emotional behavior calculated for effect; theatrical acts or performances

homeostasis homily homogeneous hyperbole iconoclastic idolatry igneous imbroglio immutable impair impassive impecunious

automatic maintenance by an organism in balance with itself sermon; tedious moralizing lecture composed of identical parts; uniform in composition purposeful exaggeration for effect attacking cherished traditions idol worship; blind or excessive devotion produced by fire; volcanic complicated situation; an entanglement inchangeable to damage; injure showing no emotion poor; having no money

impede impermeable imperturbable impervious impinge implacable implausible implicit implode imprecation impute inadvertenly incarnate inchoate incongruity

to hinder; block impossible to permeate not easily disturbed incapable of being affected; impossible to penetrate to have an effect; encroach inflexible; incable of being pleased or calmed down unlikely; unbelievable implied; understood but not stated collapse inward violently curse; damnation to attribute the fault to; relate to a particular cause or source carelessly; unintentionally having bodily form imperfectely formed or formulated

the quality of disagreeing; being unsuitable and inappropriate.
insgnificant; unimportant introduce something into another thing already in existence sudden invasion uncertain; indefinite poverty habitually lazy; idle not to be avoided or escaped; inevitable

inconsequencial incorporate incursion indeterminate indigence indolent ineluctable


unable to move; sluggish

inherent innocuous insensible insinuate insipid insouciant insularity insuperable intangible interdict internecine interpolate interregnum intimate intractable intransigence introspective inundate inured invective inveigh

firmly established by nature or habit harmless unconscious; unresponsive to suggest in an indirect way lacking in flavor; dull indifferent; lacking concern or care narrow-mindedness; isolation insurmountable; unconquerable not material to forbid; prohibit deadly to both sides to insert; change by adding new words or material interval between reigns; gap in continuity marked by close acquaintance not easily managed stubbornness; refusal to compromise contemplating one's own thoughts and feelings to cover with water, overwhelm hardened; accustomed; used to verbal abuse to disapprove; protest vehemently

inveigle inveterate invidious irascible irresolute itinerant itinerary jaundiced jibe jocose juggernaut junta juxtapose kudos labile laconic lambaste lascivious lassitude latent laud lethargic levee

to win over by flattering or coaxing Having long standing or firmly established habit likely to provoke ill will easily angered uncertain wandering from place to place; unsettled route of a traveler's journey havind a yellowish discoloration of the skin; affected by envy to be in agreement fond of joking; jocular huge froce destrying everything in its path group of people united in political intrigue place side by side fame; glory; honor likely to change using few words to trash verbally or physically lustful lethargy; sluggishness Existing but not yet developed praise inactive en embankment that prevents a river from overflowing

levity liberal libertine libido lilliputian limn limpid linguistic litany literati litigation log loquacious lucid lucre luminous lustrous machiavellian machinations maelstrom magnaminity malign malinger

light manner or attitude tolerant; broad-minded one without moral restraint sexual desire extremely small to draw, describe clear; transparent pertaining to language lengthy recitation; repetitive chant scholarly of learned persons legal proceedings record of a voyage; record of daily activities talkative bright; clear; intelligible money or profits bright; brilliant; glowing shining crafty; double-dealing plots or schemes whirpool; turmoil generosity; nobility to speak evil of to feign illness to escape duty

malleable maverick megalomania menagerie mendacious mendicant meretricious mesmerize metamorphosis metaphysics

capable of being shaped by pounding; impressionate Independent minded person delusions of power or importance a variety of animals kept together dishonest beggar ; specious; flasely attractive to hypnotize change; transformation a branch of philosophy that tinvestigates the ultimate nature of reality

metereological meticulous mettle mettlesome microcosm militate minatory minuscule minutia misanthrope Terms miscellany

concerned with the weather very careful; picky; fastidious courage; endurance full of courage and fortitude a small system having analogies to a larger system to work against threatening; menacing very small petty details one who hates humanity; one who dislikes others Definitions mixture of writtings on various subjects

miscreant misogynist mitigate mnemonic modicum mollify monolithic morose motley multifarious mundane necromancy negate neologism neophyte nexus nonplussed nostalgia nostrum nugatory obdurate obsequious obsequy

villain; criminal one who hates women alleviate; to become less severe realated to memory; assisting memory limited quantity to soothe solid and uniform; constituing a single, unified whole ill-humored; sullen many colored; made up of many parts diverse worldy as opposed to spiritual; concerned with the ordinary black magic to cancel out; nullify new word or expression novice; beginner,tyro a means of connection; a center bewildered sentimental longing for a past time medicine or remedy of doubtful effectiveness Worthless stubborn overly submissive funeral ceremony trifling- trivial

obviate occlude occult odyssey officious olfactory oligarchy

Remove, avoid, prevent to shut; block relating to practices connected with supernatural phenomena a long, adventurous voyage; a quest too helful; meddlesome concerning the sense of smell form of government in which power belongs to only a few leaders

onerous onomatopeia

burdensome formation or use of words that imitate sounds of the actions they refer to

opprobium ornithologist oscillate ostentatious overweening overwhelming paean paleonthology pallid panegyric paragon partisan pathological

public disgrace; contempt scientist who studies birds to move back and forth showy; pretentious showing excessive confidence or pride,arrogant give too much of something to song of joy or triumph; a fervent expression of joy study of past geological eras through fossil remains lacking color or liveliness elaborate praise; formal hymn of praise model of perfection or excellence one-sided; committed to a party, group or cause departing from normal condition

patois paucity pedantic pellucid penchant penury peregrination peremptory perennial perfidious perfunctory perigee permeable perturb pervasive petulant phlegmatic phoenix

jargon; a regional dialect scarcity showing off learning transparent; easily understood inclination extreme poverty wandering from place to place imperative; leaving no choice present throughout the years; persistent faithless; disloyal; untrustworthy superficial; carried out with minimum effort point in an orbit that is closest to the earth penetrable to disturb greatly; make uneasy or anxious spread throughout every part childish sulkily; peevish unemotional; calm in temperament anything that is restored after suffering great destruction,uniquely remarkable

physiognomy piety piquant pique

facial features devoutness pleasantly pungent; attractive feeling of resentment esp to ones pride , stimulate

placate placid plaintive plasticity platitude platonic plethora plumb plummet plutocracy porous poseur pragmatic prate prattle preamble precarious precept precipitate precipitate precursor preempt prehensile

soothe; pacify calm melancholy; mournful pliability; condition of being able to be shaped or formed a trite, obvious , insincere remark spiritual; theoretical excess; overabundance to examine deeply; determine the depth to fall; plunge society ruled by the wealthy full of holes; permeable to liquids poerson who affects an attitude to impress others practical to talk idly; chatter meaningless, foolish talk preliminary statement uncertain principle; law to cause to happen; throw down from a height rash; hasty; sudden; done without deliberation forerunner; predecessor to forestall capable of grasping

premonition presage presumptuous preternatural prevaricate primordial pristine probity problematic prodigal profound prohibitive proliferate propensity propitiate propriety proscribe provident puissant punctilious pungent pusillanimous purport

forewarning; presentiment to foretell; indicate in advance rude; improperly bold supernatural; beyond the normal use of nature to quibble; evade the truth original; existing from the beginning untouched; uncorrupted honesty; high-mindness posing a problem; doubtful wasteful; extravagant; lavish deep, not superficial so high as to prevent the purchase or use of, forbidding to increase rapidly inclination, tendency to win over, appease correct conduct, fitness to condemn, forbid, outlaw providing for future need, frugal powerful careful in observing rules fo behavior penetrating, caustic, to the point cowerdly to profess, Appear or claim to be or do something, esp.

quagmire quail qualified qualm query quibble quiescent quorum raconteur rail raiment ramification rarefied rationale rebu recalcitrant recant recluse recreant recondite redoubtable redolent refractory marsh, difficult situation to cower, lose heart limited, restricted sudden feeling of faintness or nausea question to argue over insignificant and irrelevant details inactive, still number of memeber necessary to conduct a meeting witty, skillful storyteller to scold with bitter or abusive language clothing implication, consequence refined,esoteric fundamental reason puzzle in whic pictures or symbols represent words resisting authority or control, obstinately uncooperative retract a statement of opinion person who lives in seclusion and often in solitude cowardly, abstruse, obscure,profound formidable, arousing fear strongly reminiscent stubborn, resisting ordinary methods of treatment

refulgent refute regale relegate remonstrate renege reparation repine reprise reproach reprobate repudiate rescind resolution resolve reticent reverent riposte rococo rubric rue ruse sage

brightly shining, resplendent to contradict, disprove to entertain to consign to an inferior position to object or protest to go back on one's word amends, compensation fret, complain repetition, especially of a piece of music to find fault with, blame morally unprincipled person to reject as having no authority to cancel determination, resolve determination, firmness of purpose nor speaking freely, reserved, reluctant expressing deep respect, worshipful retaliatory action or retort excessively ornate protocol, title or heading regret trick, crafty stratagem wise

salacious salubrious salutary sanction sardonic sartorial satiate saturate saturnine satyr

lascivious, lustful healthful expecting an improvement, favorable to health to approve, ratify, permit cynical, scornfully mocking pertaining to tailors to satisfy imbue througout, soak thoroughly gloomy a creature that is half-man, half beast, with the horns and legs of a goat

savor schematic secrete sedition sedulous seismic sensual sensuous sentient serpentine servile sextant shard

to enjoy, have a distinctive flavor or smell relating to or in the form of an outline or diagram produce and release substance into organism behaviour prompting rebellion diligent, assiduous relating to earthquakes relating to the senses, gratifying the physical (sexual) senses relating to the senses aware, concious, able to preceive complex,cunning submissive, obedient navigation tool that determines latitude and longitude a piece of broken glass or pottery

sidereal simian simile sinecure singular sinuous skeptic sobriety sodden solicitous soliloquy

relating to the stars apelike, relating to apes comparison of one thing with another using "like" or "as" well-paying job that requieres little or no work unique, extraordinary, odd intricate, complex one who doubts seriousness thoroughly soaked, saturated concerned, attentive, eager literary or dramatic speech by one character, not adressed to others

solvent somatic soporific sordid specious spectrum spendthrift sporadic squalor staccato stanch

able to meet financial obligations relating to or affecting the body, corporeal sleep producing filthy, contemptible and corrupt seeming to be logical and sound, but not really so band of color, broad range of related ideas or objects person who spends money recklessly irregular filthy, wretched condition marked by abrupt, clear-cut sounds to stop or check the flow of

stentorian stigma stint stipulate stolid stratified striated stricture strident strut stultify stupefy stygian subpoena subside substantiate substantive subsume subversive

extremely loud mark of disgrace or inferiority to be sparing to specify as an essential condition having or showing little emotion arranged in layers marked with thin, narrow grooves or channels something that restrains, negative criticism loud, harsh, unpleasantly noisy to swagger, display to impress others to impair or reduce to uselessness to dull the senses of, stun, atonish dark and gloomy, hellish notice ordering someone to appear in court to settle down, grow quiet to support with proof or evidence essential to include, incorporate intended to undermine or underthrow, especially an established government

succor suffrage sundry

relief, help in time of distress or want the right to vote various

supersede supine supplant suppliant supplicant supposition syllogism

to relace, especially to displace as inferior or antiquated lying in the back, marked by lethargy to replace, substitute beseeching one who asks humbly and earnestly the act of assuming to be true or real a form of deductive reasoning with a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion

sylvan tacit talisman tangential tautology taxonomy tenet tenuous terrestrial theocracy thespian timbre tirade toady tome

related to the woods or forest silently understood, implied charm to bring good luck and avert misfortune peripheral, irrelevant, digressing unnecessary repetition science of classification belief, doctrine weak, insubstantial earthly, commonplace government by priests representing a god an actor or actress voice tone color long, violent speech, verbal assault flatterer, yes-man book, usually large and academic

torpor torque tortuous tout tractable transgression transient translucent travail travesty treatise tremulous trepidation tribulation truculence tryst tumid turbid turgid tutelary uncanny undulating unfeigned

lethargy, dormancy, sluggishness a turning or twisting force having many twists and turns, highly complex to promote or praise energetically obedient, yielding act of trespassing or violating a law or rule temporary, fleeting partially transparent work, especially arduous work parody, exaggerated imitation, caricature article treating a subject systematically and thoroughly trembling, frugal, timid fear and anxiety state of great trouble or suffering aggressiveness, ferocity agreement between lovest to meet, rendez-vous swollen, distended muddy, opaque, in a state of great confusion swollen, pompous serving as a guardian or protector myterious, strange moving in waves not false, genuine

untenable untoward usury vacillate vacuous valedictory vapid variegated vaunt venal vendetta venerate veracious verbose verisimilitude vertigo vexation viable vindictive virtuoso visage viscous vitiate

indefensible not favorable, troublesome, unruly a practice of lending money at exorbitant rates to waver, oscillate empty, void, lacking intelligence pertaining to a farewell tasteless, dull varied, marked with different colors to boast, drag mercenary, corruptible prolonged feud marked by bitter hostility to adore, honor, respect truthful, accurate wordy appearance of being true dizziness irritation, annoyance practicable, capable of developing vengeful, unforgiving someone with master skills, expert musician appearance, aspect thick, syrupy to impair the quality of, corrupt morally

vituperative vivisection

using or containing harsh, abusive censure dissection, surgery, or painful experiments performed on a living animal for the purpose of scientific research

vogue volatile vortex warranted wary welter whimsical wistful zealot

prevailing fashion or practice tending to vary frequently, fickle whirpool, center of turbulence justified careful, cautious wallow or roll, toss about, be in turmoil fanciful, unpredictable vaguely longing, sadly thoughtful one who is fanatically devoted to a cause

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