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of Emergency Management To whom it may concern, On August 28, 2011 the Schoharie Valley and the surrounding areas suffered the worst environmental calamity in living memory. Millions of dollars in property and municipal damage, coupled with thousands of residents out of their homes presented a stark challenge that our area still has not fully overcome. Many communities, including Middleburgh, Schoharie, and Esperance have seen large numbers of its residents and businesses severely handicapped in the aftermath of Irene and Lee. Our community recognizes the sheer scope of the devastation and the ecological and human factors that led to such widespread destruction. It has impacted us personally as we lived through this trying event. Despite all of the progress our village has made in this last year, we are still in the process of recovering from this event and we have not been made whole. We are not thoroughly assured your agency did all that you could have done at the onset and during the course of this tragedy. It seems apparent to us that certain protocols were not fully implemented and all of the factors which coalesced into disaster have convinced us that the emergency action plans were insufficient to safeguard our welfare. We are aware that an Emergency Action Plan is updated annually but it is obvious that the established components of the 2011 EAP were inadequate for the proper management of the facility in a timely manner. We would like to see the changes made to the EAP by January 31st of this year and measure how the new plan compares to the actual response to last year’s emergency. Destructive flooding occurs periodically in the Schoharie Valley, exacerbated by the presence of the Gilboa Dam. Middleburgh and its surrounding communities request that your organization review flood and emergency protocol to ensure that future events do not approach the level of damage of Irene and Lee. We stand prepared to help in any way possible, but remember that the Schoharie Valley took the brunt of the damage in part due to human error. We expect the fullest resources and efforts from your agency to prevent such situations again, for our region and concerning the rest of New York State. We also expect efforts to correct those mistakes that have so adversely affected our residents. Sincerely, The Village of Middleburgh

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