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UK Govt Sustainable Development - Natural resources indicators

Sustainable Development
The Government's approach - delivering UK sustainable development

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Protecting our natural resources and enhancing the environment

- indicators
The table below gives a summary of assessments for the natural resource indicators supporting
the UK Government Sustainable Development Strategy. Clicking on the indicator name leads to a
page with a chart/charts, assessments of progress and commentary. A smaller thumbnail chart
links to a larger version in those cases where longer term trend information is available.

Change since:
1990 1999
17. Water stress:
20. Bird Populations:
Wintering wetland
21. Biodiversity conservation:
Fertiliser use, NH3 ,
CH4 emissions
22. Agriculture sector:
Farmland bird
23. Farming and environmental
24. Land use: (contextual) contextual contextual
25. Land recycling:
26. Dwelling density:
27. Fish stocks:

28. Ecological impacts Acidity

of air pollution: Nitrogen
29. Emissions of air pollutants:
30. River quality
31. Flooding
32. Economic output (contextual)
36. Households and dwellings contextual contextual
60. Environmental equality

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UK Govt Sustainable Development - Natural resources indicators


Updated: 27 July 2007

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