1. If Any of us bothers Any of us we shall be loud about it 2. The kitchen (prep, cleanup, and eating spaces) should be in a usable condition at all times. Exceptions made for group meals, parties, etc. 3. Dishes should not be left out for more than 24 hours 4. When the dishwasher is full, it should be run and emptied within 24 hours. 5. Perishable food should not be left out at any time (fresh fruit is OK so long as it’s not actively decomposing) 6. If having more than one guest overnight, or having guests over more than one night, a reasonable effort should be made to clear this with the other roommate. This does not apply to guests staying in your own room. 7. If you’re going out of town, give the other roommate a heads up. 8. The following things are considered to be communal for unless otherwise indicated: a. Milk b. Bread c. Juice d. Butter (and other spreads and condiments) e. Spices and general cooking ingredients (salt, olive oil, flour, baking soda) f. Cleaning things (detergent, sponges, windex, TP, paper towels, etc) g. Coffee, tea h. Various household goods like plastic bags, tin foil, etc i. eggs j. All kitchenware and appliances k. generally: books and things left in common room l. tools m. friendship 9. The following things are typically non-communal; ask permission before using or offer to replace: a. Booze b. Fancy versions of the preceding list (ex: expensive coffee, white truffle olive oil) c. Single serving versions of the preceding list, ex: a pint of OJ or a 20 oz soda d. 1-time-use Bike stuff e. Computer stuff f. Clothing (not that I expect this to happen) 10. We should not have to split costs on shared goods so long as we all get groceries regularly. If the burden begins to feel unfair, we will have to look into sharing costs.

11. If noise is an issue at any time of the day, it is OK to say something. If one roommate requests to keep the noise down, the other roommate SHALL NOT BEGRUDGE him of this. 12. We should endeavour not to make a mess in shared spaces in the first place. Deep cleaning of the living room, kitchen, and bathroom will be handled on a case by case basis. Or we’ll get a cleaning person. 13. Sometimes people have off days or last minute changes in plans. If rules are broken or bent now and then, LET IT SLIDE. a. If any problems do come up, talk it out. We will not be passive/aggressive in this house.

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