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Campbell -1-

Newton Campbell

English 111.1

Lecturer Eric Meljac

November 17, 2004

Illegal Immigration’s Affect on American Economy

Illegal immigration can have an affect on America’s economy, but it will not

destroy it. This paper argues that illegal immigrants are not taking much from the

American economy or taking away all of our jobs. It argues that illegal immigration is not

bad because these immigrants are willing to work harder than most people and still earn

lower wages. The paper proves that immigration restrictions are racist. It explains how

we should reform the United States’ immigration laws to allow actual fairness. Certain

services should be offered to immigrants, legal or illegal. It argues why some illegal

immigrants should be offered amnesty.

This paper discuss why some immigrants do not immigrate legally, how we are

accepting both legal and illegal immigrants, why we do not want illegal immigrants, and

whether or not immigration benefits America. It will answer a series of questions about

immigration. What would happen if immigration in America were to slow down? What if

more immigrants started to come in than ever before? What effect would these two

scenarios have on our economy? I will prove my arguments through research about the

history of our immigration laws. I will also compare and contrast the immigration laws of

other countries of the world in order to develop a solution. I will research the current

status of US immigration laws. The topics that this paper will discuss mainly include

cost, impact on America, and a world view of our policies.

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