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SWAP Aug Sept

SWAP Aug Sept

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Published by Som Ghatak

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Published by: Som Ghatak on Aug 31, 2012
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Name Richard Martin Imre Berks Guðni Friðrik Gunnarsson Vera Radnell Rebecca Gabriela Zeljko Vasilik Mirco

Deepgreen Rasel Sarkar Arnaud Woollard Hakan Mutlu Andreea Percescu Germán Bicego Genek Gforp

Country UK Hungary Iceland Malyasia Germany Croatia Bosnia Bangladesh Monaco Turkey Germany Argentina Denmark


Leonard A. Clarke Radim J Vašut Aldro Matteo Jay Dew

Canada Czech Italy Srilanka

Status Received his letter orderd his stamps to send Received his letter got his stamps to send Received his letter Received her letter/she has to choose stamp from me Need to buy holy postcard for her Yet to receive the stamps for him Sent him letter/Waiting his Received his letter/Sent him Swap completed Swap completed She received mine/she yet to offer me Letter sent both sides Got his letter/Yet to buy postcard for him

Update To be shipped on 8th Sept To be shipped on 8th Sept To be shipped on 8th Sept

My loetetr is with Tim

Nobody received yet

He sent mine/I bought Pc s for him Both sides letter sent Both sides letter sent Swap completed

To be shipped on 8th Sept Nobody received yet Nobody received yet

Tracking number


RK056077924IN RK056077938IN



Timothy Joko-Veltman Sanket Oswal Nargiza Usmanova Bin Sze Tay



Switzerland India Belarus Malyasia

discussion in progress He asked for Indian MS/yet to tell what he can give me Offered me,Still I need to search from her want list yet to offer her more stamps


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